Elisava Research, students and alumni of the Master in Design of Temporary Spaces and the Undergraduate Degree in Design win the MINI Award


A team made up of students from the Master in Ephemeral Architecture and Temporary Spaces (MEATS), the Undergraduate Degree in Design, Elisava Alumni of both courses and Elisava Research has won the MINI Design Award within the framework of the Madrid Design Festival. The purpose of the contest is to reward design projects focused on improving life in cities from the point of view of sustainability and the intelligent use of resources.

His project VORA, a prototype of ephemeral furniture installed in Barcelona in temporary public spaces gained from vehicles in the context of the Covid-19 crisis to give them new uses for citizens, has been awarded in the category of New Talents for promoting an intelligent use of space, taking into account younger citizens and transforming cities in a friendlier way.

VORA is specified in the installation of wooden structures, digitally manufactured, which create a playable and safe boundary between vehicles and users. These new spaces, previously occupied by vehicles, have become a pedestrian zone to promote educational, leisure and cultural activities. This project was developed within the framework of the FURNISH project, an initiative promoted and funded by the European Union, and has had the support of the Barcelona City Council and the Sagrada Familia School.

The VORA prototype was installed on the corner in front of the Sagrada Familia School in Barcelona with the aim of expanding a new outdoor space and promoting educational or recreational activities, responding to the current needs of many educational centres seeking outdoor spaces and new ways of teaching. Outside of school hours, the facility allows citizens to use it.

With the aim of sharing knowledge and allowing VORA to be reproduced in any city in the world, an open source repository of knowledge related to urban planning, mobility, social behavior and urban elements has been created.

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