ELISAVA at REDO Cumulus 2017 in Denmark


We are in difficult and dangerous times. For many years, we lived in a world that, despite its problems, was nevertheless committed to principles of democracy in which human rights, fundamental freedoms, and opportunities for personal development, were increasing.

With the workshop ‘Re-doing Kolding. Design for Democracy. Designers are change agents. Wake up!’, by Arianna Mazzeo and Alba Pinzolas (Desis Lab ELISAVA / Desis Network), ELISAVA has participated in REDO Cumulus Assembly 2017 working with Kolding Students. The workshop’s objective has been to overcome prejudices and stereotypes, to open the access to a cross-cultural perspective about democracy and to foster collaboration and participation among Design Schools.

Design is agent of change only when enabling more people to participate in the democratic process, using technology as a tool, shape our present and future worlds in fair and inclusive ways.

This is our video. Act in your school. Be change agent. Wake up!

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