Elisava promotes The First Supper project


Elisava, Barcelona School of Design and Engineering, promotes The First Supper initiative to investigate how technology shapes our belief systems. Second-year students of the Undergraduate Degree in Design participate in this creative project and within two months they will present their vision on how the technological and digital world is defining our urban lives in an interactive way.

The First Supper aims to start a discussion on spirituality and creativity in the digital space, and see how technological progress is redefining the human experience.

The intelligence of our cities

Every year, Elisava launches a transversal and multidisciplinary project to develop a joint piece on a specific topic, which this course will focus on the cities and the technologies that surround them, such as smart systems, tracking and monitoring technologies and communication platforms. The artist Varvara Guljajeva, Director of the Interactive Experiences Area of ​​the Undergraduate Degree in Design, coordinates this project that aims to "understand the limits of machines", says Guljajeva.

According to Albert Fuster, Academic Director of Elisava, "students can contemplate what it means to be a member of the physical and virtual communities, and the meaning of faith and spirituality in a context of digital life". After this observation, they will have to design a system that reflects the virtual side of human experience and emotion.

Fardoe Ruitenberg, Artistic Director of The First Supper, explains that the students "will create an intelligent confession system, which will consist of a chatbot, interactive tools and other online elements that will be presented in a final piece, a virtual installation."

Students are working in different teams and organize the project in different phases. In addition to the Elisava faculty and members of The First Supper, the project includes teaching experts Ramón Sangüesa, Professor of Artificial Intelligence, Ariel Guersenzvaig, Mar Canet and Roger Bernat, Playwright, who will teach masterclasses and workshops to support the students in the construction of a narrative around algorithms.

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