Elisava COVID-19 Statement


We really hope that this statement finds you and all those around you in perfect health. 

In front of the current situation and in relation to the measures dictated by the authorities, changing and expanding day by day, as you know, it is not clear the date when this confinement period can be ended. From the Management Team of Elisava we would like to inform you that we continue working at all levels so that, where possible, we can resume our normal activity in the best possible conditions.

In front of the current uncertain scenario, we have received many queries asking the different possibilities that open up in our present and future global activity (academic, research, with companies and institutions...). Obviously, we understand your growing concern, but while we would like to give you a clear picture of what is going to happen, the global situation is still uncertain and it is unpredictable.

So, for the moment, we can only confirm that we continue with online teaching with the tools we have already available; the Teams and the Virtual Campus. In this sense, we are working to reach a consensus on how to conduct sessions, share documents, etc. in order to be as standard as possible. 

In the same way, we want to let you know that we are continuously and actively monitoring the affectation that the current situation is causing in our relationship with all those companies with which we have collaboration agreements. Likewise, Elisava Research continues working on active projects in order to generate the much-needed knowledge, whilst at the same time we are in constant contact with all those institutions with which we have bilateral commitments, such as exchange students. We believe that it is extremely important to continue maintaining, in the current circumstances, our positioning as a Leading School in all areas of our activity.

Finally, we want to emphasize that, taking into account the daily avalanche of news around the constraints that this period of confinement has in the academic life, Elisava will publish frequently its statements through its official channels. We want to emphasize this fact in order to minimize the information distortion as much as possible.

Always consider us at your disposal. Our intention is to be in constant contact with you all, especially during these difficult days that we have to live.

Elisava's Management Team 
Barcelona, ​​March 20th 2020

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