Elisava COVID-19 Statement


After the previous communication sent to the virtual campus on February 26th, we inform you that Elisava has been monitoring the evolution of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak on a daily basis in order to keep its community informed. In this sense, the School Management is attentive to the measures that may be taken in a changing scenario.

Elisava is maintaining its academic as planned. Furthermore, we constantly evaluate the news and information received (health authorities, Pompeu Fabra University...) in order to make the appropriate decisions if necessary. If there is any change in this respect, any new information will be announced through the official channels of the School (virtual campus, app, e-mail).

In this regard, we recommend that you follow the instructions of the health authorities and consult the official links for information that is updated daily.

Attached to this message, we would send you once again the link with the instructions of the health authorities regarding the concrete environment of the universities in the hope that they continue being useful:

Finally, we think it's convenient to remind you also what to do if you have symptoms or have been in contact with someone who has been diagnosed.

If you have symptoms of general discomfort, cough, fever or a feeling of shortness of breath, stay home and call 061-Salut Respond and report the circumstances of any trip or having been contact people diagnosed with COVID-19. The health services are the ones that have to evaluate the need of isolation or the measures that have to be adopted in each case.

The Public Health Agency of Catalonia recommends that people who come from risk areas and who develop respiratory symptoms should contact the free telephone number 061-Salut Respon, where they will be given the appropriate information. 061 is also available in English. The Agency has reinforced the 061-Salut Respon telephone and discourages users from going directly to health centres.

In the hope that this information will be useful to you, we recommend that you consider any announcement that Elisava may make from official channels of communication.

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