Elisava collaborates with the Institut Català del Suro in the Product Technology III subject


Students of the Degree in Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering have designed products made with cork and have also produced the final prototypes. The main objective of the course is to introduce and understand design by reinterpreting a raw material, understanding its properties, its unique characteristics and its processes.

The Fundació Institut Català del Suro has collaborated with Elisava by giving an introductory lesson at the beginning of the course on cork and its possibilities in the world of design in accordance with the foundation's vocation to train and disseminate cork as a material.


VIFTE, Hannah Adib, Marco Gesualdo, Helena Lehn

VIFTE wants to be a portable noise insulation product to be used in social environments. Made of cork fabric it is light, absorbs noise and is foldable, so it can be easily transported and carried.

Strap, Alejandro Linares, Tomás Cano

Strap takes advantage of this growing transformation of working environments and is based on the so-called "ephemeral comfort", which offers the possibility of generating new spaces without the need for them to be permanent, thus providing these spaces with greater freedom and flexibility.

It is designed in such a way as to allow its users to easily install a micro zone for rest and personal comfort. In addition, its morphology also allows it to be stored flat, taking up almost no space in the environment in which it is placed.

Cork Away, Raul Gaya, Guillem Sánchez

With the current situation, there are many restaurants that find the need for take-away food, including Michelin star restaurants. They have changed the delivery system, trying to emulate the sensory experience of the restaurant, but at home. For this reason, we provide a solution through cork and its properties.

La Surera, Nils Kamming, Liam Kelly

Designed to improve the user's comfort in the face of both the physical and metaphorical harshness of urban space. The Surera backpack focuses on the action of sitting down, responding to the dirt, material hardness or thermal contrast of the different surfaces of the urban furniture of our cities. In this way, it incorporates a support made of cork that, in addition to giving the backpack an ergonomic profile, allows, thanks to its zips, to be separated to be used as a mat and to be able to sit down at any time and place, improving comfort.

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