ELISAVA and Zero 2 Infinity present 'Bloon', the first capsule of space tourism in Europe


This Monday we have officially presented 'Bloon', the new space capsule of the Catalan company Zero 2 Infinity and ELISAVA that will allow tourists to travel to the stratosphere within two years.

Seven students of our School have worked during the last nine months in the design of the interior of which will be the first capsule of space tourism in Europe.

The ship will allow commercial and leisure travel of 6 hours up to about 34 kilometers in height and allow to observe the space and the curvature of the Earth. The capsule can carry up to 6 people, 2 of which will be the crew, and the ticket will cost about 110,000 euros.

Modular and intelligent interior design

The interior of the ship has been designed by ELISAVA students Alejandra Martí, Aida Radresa, Xavier Guasch, Henni Maria Heino, Ursula Sandra Pahl Vicario, Pau Benazet i Montobbio, and Laura Homs Puchal, in a project tutored by the teachers of the School Jessica Fernandez, Mariana Eidler, Daria Seta and Tona Monjo.

Its main objective: to make the journey of its passengers as comfortable and pleasant as possible. To do this, the six designers were locked up for 6 hours in a space of 12 square meters -like the ship- to detect needs, and flew with a helium balloon to live a similar experience.

"Closing in that space served us to live strong experiences and to see that spending so much time in a place with nothing to do is overwhelming, which has served us to see what we could include in the ship so that the user did not reach this situation", explains the student and codesigner of the capsule Laura Homs.

The resulting design is a modular space of five meters in diameter, dynamic, programmable, neutral and intelligent that enhances the interaction. In that way, the capsule has changeable spaces, reclinable and movable seats, washbasins, floors and walls built with soft materials to be able to stretch, as well as technological applications in windows to listen to music, play or locate places on Earth.

A more sustainable model

The particularity of 'Bloon' is its use of a helium balloon that will inflate up to 120 meters in diameter, a surface similar to a football field, and that will save energy during the two hours of the ascent by reducing emissions of polluting gases.

The capsule will remain in the stratosphere for two more hours so that tourists can enjoy the views. Finally, the ship will descend for another 2 hours and be detached from the balloon, allowing passengers to experience free fall and zero gravity for a few seconds until the opening of a parachute.

"It is a technologically advanced system but very simple, without the need for big propellers, and if the project succeeds, we hope to reproduce more ships to reach the maximum possible audience", says ELISAVA General Director Javier Peña. All pictures from the official presentation here.

‘Bloon’ in the media

The presentation of the capsule 'Bloon' has had a great impact in the media. TVs as well as TV3, TVE or Antena 3; newspapers such as La Vanguardia, Diari Ara, ABC or El Periódico de Catalunya; radios like RAC 1 or numerous digital media have talked about us. Here are some of the most significant ones.

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