Elisava and HyperloopTT collaborate to design the interior of one of the high-speed train wagons


A group of students from Elisava and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT), a transport technology and innovation company, have signed an agreement to research, explore and find innovative and creative solutions for this transportation system. Students of the Degrees in Design and in Engineering in Industrial Design will work together with the HyperloopTT team in the design and development of the interior of one of the high-speed transport capsules.

The hyperloop system is a new means of transport for people and goods that reaches an average speed of 900 km/h. The size of the train is similar to that of a small airplane without wings and the coaches levitate inside the tubes. Elisava students will be in charge of detecting the needs of travellers and of designing the interior space of the passenger capsule. The challenge focuses on designing a comfortable wagon that meets all the technical and aesthetic expectations of users. To carry out the prototype, the students work keeping in mind the experience of the users and the technical requirements of high-speed transport.

Partnership with a company with an international reputation

Anna Maria del Corral and Daria de Seta, professors at Elisava and responsible for this project, ensure that this collaboration is very positive for the students of the School since “it allows students to work on innovation projects and learn and see first-hand how to work in a company with a great international reputation”. “One of the most critical elements in bringing Hyperloop to life is the passenger experience,” says Rob Miller, Hyperloop TT Marketing Director. "We are excited to be working with Elisava to design this future."

Elisava promotes agreements with the business and institutional environment to provide added value through innovation and research projects developed by students. With these agreements, students, always tutored by professionals from the sector and by professors from the School, have the opportunity to work in real business environments, beyond the training offer they receive.

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