Elisava After-quarantine – Open Call!


We are not used to slow down. Even though we don’t like this situation, we must take it calmly and try to look on the bright side of these days of retreat.Now is a good time to make the most of the time we have, to think, imagine, and let our creativity appear, because when this is all over –which will be over– we want to fill the school with your projects.

And you, what have you done doing quarantine?

Maybe you’ve discovered your hidden talent for cooking that you didn’t know it existed, or you’ve encouraged yourself to write that book that you dreamt of writing for many years but didn’t find time to do it… We also accept furniture, homemade beauty remedies, performance, poems, songs, reflections… Everything is welcomed! 

With all your projects, we want to do an “expo” or exhibition when Elisava reopens its doors. Knowing the talent and potential of Elisava’s community, we know that important things can come up throughout these days. We also think that it’ll be nice to share them with the world!

Open call to all Elisava’s community (students, Alumni, professors, PAS…)

Write to as at and explain us your project!

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