'Elements', Javier Peña's informative project on the language of matter and materials, jumps from paper to the screen


Elements, the series of novels for all audiences on the language of materials devised and written by Elisava's General Manager and Scientific Director Javier Peña, continues to grow. After the publication of three volumes to date (the fourth will be published soon), its characters have just jumped from paper to screen.

The new YouTube channel Elements offers a first video that introduces us to the main characters of the saga (a group of humanised elements of the periodic table, with their concerns, emotions and desires) immersed in the conflict that is the central plot of the third book: the emotions that appear and take on relevance in the lives of the different characters, in the face of the discrimination and injustice based on gender or sexual orientation that are sadly so familiar and current to us. 

Both the book and the video thus delve into the concept of emotional diversity from the point of view of matter and the chemical elements that make it up, with the aim that this new vision will help us to interpret and understand the world and our environment in a broader and more inclusive way. 

Incorporating the language of the elements from an early age

The 'Elements' project arises from research into materials, the social impact they generate and, in line with the concept of STEAM Education, aims to arouse interest and generate enthusiasm in students. In this sense, it seeks to incorporate the language of matter in basic education. Its objective: that at an early age they can incorporate it naturally and in parallel to other languages already perfectly incorporated whose codes are numbers, letters or musical notes. 

Regarding the main motivation of the initiative, Javier Peña comments: "Matter, materials and elements are still alive. They are active and continue to contribute their grain of sand in the interpretation of the world we inhabit. Just like letters, numbers and musical notes, the chemical elements emerge as the code of a beautiful language, of which it would be nice to become good friends".

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