El Borsí hosts an ephemeral exhibition of the students of spatial design


The speciality of spatial design interprets the multiple relationships between man and context. This field of design can be considered a tool for reading and transforming places that has a decisive influence on the definition of new social dynamics both on an individual level, with the human being and his personal relationship with the space he inhabits, and on a collective level, with effects on culture, the economy, politics and the environment.

The awareness of the innovative power and at the same time of the high responsibility of the design of space is one of the fundamental aspects that underlie the selection of the themes and activities that structure the training programme in this area. 

The course Space Project III is a personal exploration of the students of the Degree in Design (Mention in Space Design), in which they deepen their position as actors in the creative process, as well as their relationship with society and the environment. The proposals elaborated by the students presented in this event become part of a more multifaceted training of the designer who learns to use and integrate tools and methodologies from other areas of design in his or her project.

3rd year of the Degree in Design

Optional Project of Mention III

Jordi de Gispert, Rebeca Font, Albert Fuster, Mar Gené, Celia Marín, Joaquim Matutano