The ei! Awards 2019 grant the best Final Degree Projects of Elisava


We already have the winners of the 8th edition of the ei! Awards, which grant each year the best Final Degree Projects of the students of the Degree in Design and the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering. The prizes have been awarded within the framework of the Graduation Ceremony of the Undergraduate Degrees of Elisava, held at the Palau de Congressos de Catalunya this Friday, October 4.

• Martina Nadal (Domestic Data Streamers)

• Marta Velasco (Estudio Velasco Velasco)

• Elise by Olsen (Wallet)

• Luís Fraguada (Datable Studio)

• Javier Peña (Managing Director of Elisava)

The members of the Jury have selected a winner for each category: Human, Material, Society, Information and Technology. These are the winners:

(sex)abled, by Guillem Alemany

For dealing with a problem as complex and relevant as the right to sexuality for people with functional diversity. For highlighting the figure of the designer as responsible for the creation of products that make visible these issues and vindicate them.

Knittable Spaces, by Gerard López

For taking into account current material trends and creating new uses for knitted fabrics, proposing a new recyclable, sustainable and hackable material. For the international collaboration between the academic and industrial fields. Also, for the potential applications and versatility of the material, which open up a very interesting future field of research.

Entre redes, by Amalia Puga

For approaching the traditional "redeiras" trade and looking for new ways of renewing it, proposing new ways to preserve the knowledge of the craftswomen. For giving visibility to the collective and preserving its feminine ancestral knowledge, creating community and identity.

Stressed Matter, by Joana Bisbe

For taking the challenge of recreating the stress levels of students and employees in an innovative and analytical way. For its detailed process of social research, experimentation with materials and creation of its own visual style. And for showing us a clear example of how information delivered intelligently can trigger very valuable critical reflections.

Triton Alicella, by Oriol Povill

For its clear and powerful development in research and for its technological innovations of high technical quality. For presenting a project with very clear applications for a specific client and taking advantage of a good market opportunity for the company with which he has collaborated.

Audience Award

The ei! Audiente Award, voted publicly and online, has been for the Elisava Racing Team project.

Best Academic Record Award
Paula López-Nuño

In addition, the ei! Awards 2019 have awarded the Prize to the Best Academic Record of the 2018-2019 promotion of the Degrees of Elisava to Paula López-Nuño, student of the Degree in Design.

Prize to the Best Professor of the Year

Finally, he has been awarded the Prize for Best Professor of the Year at Xavi Riudor, Professor in several technical subjects of the Degree in Industrial Design Engineering at ELISAVA, since 1999. He has also directed and tutored numerous TFG (Final Project) in areas related to energy, technology and mechanics.

Congratulations to everyone!

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