‘Ductor’ wins a Stone and Wood Award (SELECTED)

Ductor Elisava
Ductor Elisava

‘Ductor’, a project by Patricia Trincado, Elisava Alumni of the Master's Degree in Product Design and Development, has won a Stone and Wood Award (SELECTED). This project was presented at the exhibition "Artificial Intelligence: explorations from Experimental Design" at the Disseny Hub last February.

‘Ductor’ is a personal assistant for care of people with dementia that contributes to the communication between healthcare personnel and patients. This product records the tone of voice associated with emotions through a personal object to which artificial intelligence has been implemented.

The device can be configured differently, depending on the phase in which the patient is. In phase 1, when the user does not present cognitive impairment, a personal object is chosen in which artificial intelligence is implanted and the tone and timbre of voice is associated according to the emotions. In the second phase, ‘Ductor’ materializes it in a bracelet that functions as a translator of emotions, thanks to the previous registration. The bracelet communicates with the healthcare staff in a sound and light way.

In the third phase, ‘Ductor’ is simplified only to the personal voice assistant, who now assumes the role of assistant to the caregiver; because in this phase it is not recommended that the user carry devices that could interfere with the sanitary machinery. In this way you can identify your state of mind; improving communication and therefore care.

The Stone and Wood is a design award given by the city of Bilbao during the SELECTED celebration to recognize the talent and creativity of professionals in the design industry. SELECTED is a two-day event of lectures, talks and activities to exchange knowledge and new ideas in an environment of creative professionals and students.

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