Discover the Creative Toolkit of ELISAVA's Masters in Communication


There is more than one route to travel far from our comfort zone. Revolutionize the message, combine it, transform it, work the insights, play with rhetorical actions and articulate formats that activate the public of your clients ... and work your creative director, because is the one who has to hire you.

We present the Creative Toolkit, an ELISAVA own method for Advertising Design and Creativity that allows its users to learn the key principles of advertising ideation, enhance their resources and create projects in a professional and effective manner.

Download the Creative Toolkit

The Creative Toolkit is a project conceived and designed by Jordi Cano (Direction and Edition), Ber Arce (Design and Art Direction), Natalia Lara (Illustrations) and collaborators Victor Curto, Ferrán Llopart, Ragni Azcue, Julia Gonzalez.