Decoding European Creative Skills celebrate their first creative challenges


The first creative challenges of Decoding European Creative Skills took place in Barcelona with great implication of all participants. They have provided very interesting proposals and at the same time they have allowed to further develop the research on the competences during the design process.

Creative Challenges have been carried out for a week, from the15th to the 23rd of January. The challenge began with the visit of three companies to ELISAVA, where they proposed their challenges, which motivated the work of different student teams (made up of 30 young designers last year bachelor students, Master students and young professionals–) during a week of intense work.

Company: Districte de Comerç

Challenge: How to improve the poor visibility of emblematic shops in the city of Barcelona?

How to help to create a stronger intercultural commerce network in Barcelona?

Students proposal: The design of a website that brought together emblematic businesses through social events, games and the idea of an emblematic brand, "Ruta dels Emblemàtics". The other team proposed an association that would unite and facilitate the interaction of foreign merchants once they arrived at Barcelona and to bring them closer to the client. More information and vídeo of this project.

Company: Eurecat

Challenge: How to draw the attention of the fashion sector to adapt its capacity for innovation regarding new textiles to this sector?

Students proposal: Rethink the way they were approaching their different targets. A communication strategy, a solution that needs to work with the brand communication from the base aiming to understand the client's needs from the get go.

Company: Xarxa Ambiental

Challenge: How to achieve a better categorization of the waste that is discarded, generating new recycling habits?

Students proposal: A social platform that educates and promotes the action of good recycling in a playful way, through games and social recognition in a virtual community. The other work team proposed a civic card with access to a Civinet platform that allows users to earn points while recycling, that they can exchange at eco-friendly local shops.

We want to thank all the people who has been involved in the first Creative Challenge.

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