Crowdfunding for the production of LibreGuard, a protective mask against COVID-19


One of the most immediate consequences of the current COVID-19 crisis is the lack of adequate medical supplies, a problem that affects both patients and professionals of the health system. In front of this complex situation, the LibreGuard project is born, a protection screen for healthcare personnel that is being produced voluntarily.

At a cost of 25 euro cents per unit, its design allows large-scale production using only a laser cutter, which greatly streamlines its manufacture and generates a minimum amount of waste. Manufactured from easily assembled, sterilizable and reusable plastic sheets, the product complies with the Open Source philosophy and responds to approved EPI protection systems.

Solidarity network of digital manufacturing spaces, universities and companies

A self-managed network of makers in Barcelona, ​​on a voluntary and non-profit basis, has managed to coordinate more than 30 professionals (designers, engineers, communicators, sociologists), 10 workshops and 6 companies from all over Catalonia, including Elisava's professor Raul Nieves and the Elisava Alumni David Haro and Javier Notivol.

All the participants have contributed with materials, knowledge and resources to start manufacturing units, and at the moment more than 5,000 masks have already been delivered to health workers, doctors and caregivers of more than a hundred institutions (hospitals, ICUs, Primary Care Centers, nursing homes) in order to work safely. An example of solidarity, cooperation and altruism that has managed to operate outside of speculation and market prices.

Crowdfunding campaign to increase production

All this effort, however, is still not enough and it is necessary to increase the production of masks so that health personnel can continue obtaining them for free. For this reason, LibreGuard's promoters have just launched a Crowdfunding campaign. Do you want to contribute and make it happen? Donate here


This project is promoted by La Deriva, which coordinates both the manufacturing and distribution processes. Apart from the aforementioned members of the Elisava Community, the initiative has the participation of a network of digital and industrial manufacturing spaces, such as CODA, Rido, Melnik, XR66, TMDC, Escola Massana, Medio Design, LCI - Citlali aka Turbulente, Andrés, Fabbercorp, Sumeplast, A3Studio, BUIT taller, Plàstics Sant Jordi, Fab Casa del Mig and Laser Project, among others.