The company PLAY will commercialize a project from two students of our Degree in Engineering


The project GOWALK by Queralt Ramon and Alejandro Rosa, ELISAVA's students, has been acquired by the enterprise PLAY for producing it and market it. This project has been made in collaboration with PLAY (Casualplay / Playxtrem) and ELISAVA in the framework of the subject 'Projecte de Simulació de Producte' (Product Simulation Project) in the ELISAVA's Bachelor's Degree in Engineering and Industrial Design.

From the simulation area of ELISAVA, we are committed to innovation in using simulation as a driving force to generate new designs. In the subject Product Simulation Project students are taught in the process of developing the product while using all the virtual simulation technologies. The result is a tuned and industrialized product.

Leaders and pioneers in child safety

The group PLAY is a pioneer and leading enterprise in child safety with more than 50 years of experience offering solutions to child mobility in cars and strolling products. Currently, PLAY also offers solutions for home under the brand name Playmarket. Wanting to create new business fields, Playmarket proposed a focused briefing in the shopping transport context, in which they wanted to develop solutions of a new product for the third age with particular mobility needs. This problem was the starting point. This project was made last year in the subject Product Simulation Project and under the authorization of Francesc Mestres.

8 high-quality projects

Results have been materialized in 8 big-quality projects that stir up the jury composed of professionals from the enterprise, senior managers, I+D and marketing employees, and teachers from ELISAVA. From the 8 projects shown, PLAY decided to acquire GOWALK for tuning it according to the enterprise's and brand's line of work. All for understanding the problem to be solved and to take advantage of the engineering projects in the product development. A product solved with a technical accuracy viable for manufacturing.

Congratulations to our students Queralt Ramon and Alejandro Rosa, and their tutor Francesc Mestres. We will see GOWALK in the market soon!

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