ELISAVA School of Design and Engineering of Barcelona has been invited to participate in the commemoration of the Tercentenary with the BCN RE.SET project, for the design and the implementation of an installation located at Arc de Triomf in Barcelona.

BCN Re.set is an ephemeral architecture circuit on the street that will be developed between June and September 2014 in six venues in the city centre. The architect Benedetta Tagliabue (Enric Miralles Foundation) and the stage manager Alex Ollé (La Fura del Baus) are the curators of this project that transforms the appearance of specific public spaces of the city, linked to 1714, with a series of art and architectonic installations that reflect on concepts such as identity, memory, diversity, freedom, democracy and Europe.

For ELISAVA, the chosen concept is Memory and is linked to the corresponding space on Passseig Lluís Companys and on Arc de Triomf, which was created for being the main entrance of the 1888 Barcelona Universal Exhibition, which was located on the Parc de la Ciutadella.

In each space an imaginative and unique facility at the open air will be built and it will be able to set an architectural landscape that will host various events and performances. The project of all the installations will be provided for international architectural tours, which at the same time are curators of all the spaces, and direct the activity developed by the students in the participating centres. In this sense, ELISAVA counts on Yvonne Farrell's expertise, co-founder of Grafton Architects.

During the fall quarter, 3rd and 4th year students of the ELISAVA Degree in Design have worked on the 1st phase of the project, supervised by Professors Victoria Garriga, Carlota Gomez, Maria Güell, Sylvia Felipe, and Joaquim Matutano. Within this process there was a workshop attended by Yvonne Farrell, on the 10th October in ELISAVA.

In addition, ELISAVA has organized several presentations to complement the vision of the students on the project that they have to make. On the one hand, Josep Maria Muñoz, director of L'Avenç, gave the conference «History, literature, memory. The contribution of L'Avenç» on the reconstruction of the past and a look at the present, on the 30th October.

On the other hand, based on the photographic work of Manolo Laguillo, Dr. Valentín Roma and Laguillo rebuilt the urban, social and economic changes experienced by the city of Barcelona from the late seventies to the present in the talk «Memory, reason and city in the photographic work of Manolo Laguillo» on the 14th November.

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