An agreement with Pilz allows Engineering students to work with the latest advances in robotics


It is increasingly difficult to think of an industry without the help of robots in production. The service sector is no exception, with new tasks to support and help people in our daily lives already in the hands of automated systems.

In this context, Elisava has initiated a collaboration with Pilz, an expert in safe automation, to bring robotics knowledge closer to the design professionals of the future. The aim of the union is that students participate in real cases, with implementation of new trends in robotics for services in both industrial and general framework, being in both sectors, pillars of the digitization and productivity.

Training for design and security in service robotics

When robots enter environments where people are the protagonists, such as in the case of services in the food industry, the union of engineering and safety becomes essential. It is necessary to face these new integration requirements with systems that are capable of recognizing complex "pieces" such as food, grabbing them correctly and dosing them while maintaining high levels of quality and hygiene. But also the way to interact and collaborate with people must be safe in this intensive service environment.

Open source and artificial intelligence

Combining design and user experience without neglecting process efficiency, safety and hygiene is one of the main challenges of Elisava's students. Thanks to this union, the students will be able to know the open source environments, such as ROS, which drags a growing global community and provides the robots with flexibility and adaptability to future technologies. Similarly, they will acquire the necessary knowledge about the latest trends in the sector.