25 Elisava projects, nominated for the ADG Laus Awards 2020

‘Crumbs’, by Ayse Sismanoglu and Miza Firdaus.

Up to 25 projects with the Elisava label have been selected for this year's ADG Laus Awards. Among the nominated works we find 14 projects from Master students, 8 from Undergraduate students and 3 projects presented by Elisava as a School. Below we list by category all the selected works:

Projects of Master's Degree students

Digital Category

  • ‘juju Island’, by Nicolás Barretto and Natalia Triviño
  • ‘Néa’, by Adriana Pons and Ricardo Muñoz
  • ‘Unearthing Æneas’, by Alejandro Sanz, Olga Leikina and Kai Tesnau
  • ‘Exitus’, by Félix Ruiz and María Albillos

Graphic Design Category

  • ‘Flatland’, by Beltrán García and Sandra Hayvel
  • ‘Flatality. An era in which even the shape of the Earth is questioned’, by Gemma Canalda and Sandra Hayvel
  • ‘Lenna Magazine’, de Raquel Piteira y Natalia Triviño
  • ‘From Here I Saw People Laughing and I Cried’, by Raquel Piteira and Alejandro Sanz
  • ‘You Can't Make a Monkey Out of Me’, by Féliz Ruiz and Adriana Pons
  • ‘Algorithmic Prometheus’, by María Albillos and Ricardo Muñoz
  • ‘Crumbs’, by Ayse Sismanoglu and Miza Firdaus
  • ‘Moving Festival’, by Ayse Sismanoglu and Mar Tocado
  • 'Vault', by Adriana Pons and María Albillos

Free Work - Graphic Design

  • ‘Ticio. La historia de un gigante’, by Adriana Pons and Félix Ruiz

Audiovisual Category

  • ‘Project I’, by Patricia Palacios, Xènia Provins and Susana Ripa
‘From Here I Saw People Laughing and I Cried’, by Raquel Piteira and Alejandro Sanz.

Undergraduate Student Projects

Category Final  Degree Project – Graphic Design

  • ‘The Tragic Tension Between the Complexity of Desire and the Simplicity of Social Norms’, by Paula López-Nuño
  • ‘Stressed Matter’, by Joana Bisbe
  • ‘5 Tools for Digital Detox’, by Ferran Bretcha
  • ‘Light Canvas’, by Xabier Lahidalga

Free Work - Graphic Design

  • ‘El Ciclo Del Lujo’, by Paula López-Nuño
  • ‘57364N05’, by Ferran Bretcha and Sergio Entrena
  • 'El llibre mundà de l’envelliment: Nou paradigma’, by Joana Bisbe
  • ‘The Reading Braing in a Digital Culture’, by Ferran Bretcha
'El llibre mundà de l’envelliment: Nou paradigma’, by Joana Bisbe.

Elisava's Projects

  • Temes de Disseny (TdD)
  • Masters’ Talks
  • School Brochure
Elisava Masters' Talks.

The winners will be announced during the celebration of the Nit ADG Laus, scheduled within the framework of the Barcelona Design Week on November 26. Congratulations to all the selected ones!


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