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Paco Adín

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Dates may be modified and courses may be canceled depending on the evolution of the pandemic.

The concept of luxury has changed to the point of blurring almost completely. What do we understand by luxury today? What are the different strategies that luxury is developing? How can packaging design reflect this new idea of luxury? Is brand activism one of the strategies with the greatest potential for success?

In this workshop we will analyse how the future of luxury lies in activist brands and companies that raise awareness and awaken consumers to positive action. The way forward is to understand that users prefer brands with values and that they only believe in them for what they do, not for what they say. We must forget concepts such as greenwashing, pinkwashing or purplewashing; we must now act for the good of society and the planet. And here packaging design for the new luxury has a lot to contribute.

We will create and design a product or product line positioned in the luxury segment but from a new point of view: activism to build product credibility.  Each participant will choose a brand and a commitment to work with and create a new concept that manages to mobilise society.

  • To discover the keys to the new luxury.
  • To create and develop a story telling connected to a social value or commitment.
  • To design a packaging project where activism is key.

Paco Adín

My name is Paco Adín, I have a degree in advertising, graphic design and marketing from the University of the Basque Country. I am a founding partner and creative director of Supperstudio, a contemporary packaging agency. I have worked and continue to work for brands such as El Corte Inglés, Codorníu, Dabiz Muñoz, Avery Dennison, Eroski, Pascual, Starbucks, La Gula del Norte, Danone, Vivesoy, Baqué, Chocolocuras, Young & Beautifood, etc.

In recent years many of our packaging projects have won awards such as D&AD, Pentawards, FabAwards, Bestpack, Liderpack, Laus, El sol, Anuaria, El Chupete, etc. In 2021 we won the Agency of the Year award at Pentawards for the second time. I combine my work at the head of Supperstudio with conferences, workshops and classes in the Faculty of Economics and Business Studies at the University of the Basque Country (Master's Degree in Marketing).

I am Basque, I work in Madrid, I have a Mediterranean soul and I practice 'happy packaging'.