Material experimentation workshops for undergraduate students to explore new creative design methodologies

04 Oct 2023
Workshops de experimentación material

The third-year students of the Degree in Design and Innovation have participated in a series of material experimentation workshops to promote creative design processes.

Its objective, through the use of emerging methodologies, has been the exploration of materials, technologies and processes, from crafts, industry or digital manufacturing, for the conceptualization of proposals. These have been the workshops carried out:



Experimental module focused on learning the printing technique on wooden blocks

Body and the Internet

What are the relationships between digital technologies and the Internet and our bodies, our data?

Natural fibers

Exploring methods to achieve results through an empirical and iterative process

Ceramic frames

Direct experimentation on a 1:1 scale through a manufacturing and construction process

Light and projection

The objective of the course will be to understand light as a material and emitter of messages. In this workshop we will explore the intimate and daily life of each person and we will look for a context, a place in which to express it

Energy and Internet

We have challenged the belief in technological progress and highlighted the potential of past knowledge and technologies to design a more sustainable internet-connected society. We experienced the possibilities of human energy production in a modern society

Chocolate: endless transformation

Work on experimentation, its methodologies and their documentation, through research into the manufacture and production of chocolate

Light: the intangible material

In this project, students have worked with light as an intangible material in experimenting with its power to shape and transform our physical environment