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University Master in Design

Specialize in the advanced investigation of design strategies, acquiring new creative, critical, and methodological skills. Once you complete the University Master’s Degree in Design, you’ll be able to access a PhD programme in the areas of design and communication.

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University master in Design

The University Master in Design is part of the offer of university postgraduate courses at Universitat de Vic – Central de Catalunya (UVic – UCC). Therefore, it is an university master’s degree that allows subsequent access to a doctoral programme in the field of design. It is structured in 60 ECTS credits (European credit transfer system), in which a credit is equivalent to 25 hours of the work carried out by the student. The teaching activity usually takes place in the afternoons, from Monday to Friday, from the end of September to the middle of June.

The University Master in Design is an advanced training of a specialized and multidisciplinary nature whose objective is professional specialization and initiation into research activities about and from design. Likewise, as it is a Master’s Degree, it allows access to a doctoral programme in a related area.

Student profile for the University Master in Design

The group of students is very varied in terms of previous training and is usually composed of graduates in design, architecture, communication, sociology or advertising. The geographical origin also is diverse, University Master in Design students usually come from Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina, Ecuador, Portugal, China and from many parts of Spain such as Galicia, Andalusia and, of course, from Catalonia. Due to its other university character, the University Master in Design complies with the official requirement that it allows to apply for scholarships in Spain and in different Latin American and European countries.

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If you are a creative, analytical, critical and passionate person, our University Master in Design is the graduate degree you are looking for. It will qualify you as the communicator and designer you have always dreamed of being. Through our master’s degree you will be able to acquire the necessary tools for the conception of design strategies and for the development and application of all kinds of projects.

Our University Master in Design aims to transfer theoretical, methodological and practical knowledge in order to train design specialists who are effective, critical and able to adapt to new trends and changes in the sector.

If you are interested in this field but you still do not know where to study design, you should know that Elisava is among the most nationally and internationally recognized design schools. We are backed by our years of experience and the quality of our educational system, supported by the Agency for the Quality of the University System of Catalonia.


  • Exploring the narrative that unfolds between two complementary disciplines: design and communication.
  • Developing a critical reflection on how to approach a design project from various points of view.
  • Mastering the different existing research methods.
  • Understanding the historiography of design and its methodology.
  • Analysing social design and its value as an agent of change.
  • Discovering the philosophy and ethics associated with design and communication.
  • Experiencing professional practices at research institutes and prominent companies in the sector.
  • Developing research projects in design and communication through all their different phases.

University Master in Design programme
1 Narrative in design and communication

How the disciplines of design and communication are connected.

1.1 Artifacts and visual language
1.2 Design and communication strategy
1.3 Media and environments in design and communication

2 Theory and practice of design research

Different research methods, related to investigation about and through design.

2.1 Practice-based interdisciplinary critical perspectives
2.2 Social design: Care and the common good
2.3 Academic-scientific methodology for research in design

3 Electives (select two)

Orient your career towards an ethical-political approach tied to the industry and the market, towards research and the dissemination of ideas, or towards practical contact with the professional world.

3.1 Philosophy and ethics of design and communication
3.2 Projection of a professional and research career
3.3 Professional internships

4 Master’s Final Project

Development of a research project in design and communication, where you’ll implement and cement the knowledge you’ve acquired.

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Each academic year, students with very diverse professional and cultural profiles of more than 80 nationalities from all over the world attend their master’s or postgraduate training at Elisava. We want to promote connections and networks among students beyond the context of each master’s degree to promote the exchange of knowledge through very diverse projects: we organize interdisciplinary workshops and conferences; transdisciplinary projects with students from several master’s degrees; collaborations with companies, institutions and NGOs…

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