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Postgraduate in Web Project Management and UX Design

Explore the principles of designing and developing web projects. With the Postgraduate in UX Design and Web Project Management you’ll master user experience design and you’ll carry out innovative projects that respond to the needs of people and companies.

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In the current environment of digital products, it is essential to design and develop websites and apps that incorporate a high-quality user experience that responds to users’ needs, while also satisfying business objectives and ethical requirements. The Postgraduate in UX Design and Web Project Management will train you to develop your career as a UX designer, product owner or project manager with a focus on the product.

You’ll learn by working hand in hand with active professionals who are experienced in university-level teaching. Based on a practical approach, you’ll explore the tools and techniques to help you investigate, conceptualize and design products, services and applications focused on users. In addition to learning the fundamentals of user experience, you’ll gain a solid foundation in strategy, interface design, information architecture, and front-end development.

To make sure you can put everything you’ve learned into practice and to help you advance in your career in the sector, the Postgraduate in UX Design and Web Project Management gives you the possibility of participating in internships with companies like Everis, BeRepublic, GammaUX, Optimyzet, Multiplica, Ogilvy, Ulabox or Diari Ara.

The Postgraduate in UX Design and Web Project Management is directed at people who have analytical and executive capabilities, who are interested in understanding the potential of user experience and who want to contribute to the social and economic growth of institutions and companies.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students are recommended to have completed undergraduate studies in disciplines such as Design, Industrial Design Engineering, Product Development, Audio-visual Communication, Advertising, Computer Engineering, Multimedia Studies, Information and Documentation, Journalism, Psychology, Sociology or other Social Sciences. For those without a university degree, students can gain access to the Postgraduate in UX Design and Web Project Management by demonstrating verified professional experience in the sector.


  • Understanding the importance of user experience as a link between technology, design and interaction. 
  • Designing functional, effective interfaces with a unique personality.
  • Understanding and implementing agile methodologies for project management.
  • Learning to implement processes for the analysis of objectives.
  • Mastering the prototyping process for interactive interfaces.
  • Understanding the structures and possibilities of the main development languages.
  • Becoming familiar with the channels and strategies for organizing and managing content.
  • Acquiring the skills to direct and communicate projects.

Postgraduate in Web Project Management and UX Design programme

1 Philosophy of the internet, general aspects of management

Principles of communication on the Internet, interdisciplinarity in the creation of projects and their management. Tools for planning activities, negotiation and dealing with stakeholders and teams.

1.1 What is a project?
1.2 Management methodologies
1.3 Scrum
1.4 Principles of planning
1.5 Change management

2 Product strategy

Methods and processes for the development of a suitable product strategy, as well as the definition of objectives and metrics for measuring success. Methodologies for conceptualization, research, user modelling and competitor analysis.

3 User experience (UX)

Concepts like interaction design, information architecture, accessibility, navigation flows, and usability. Tasks applied to the development of specific results, such as wireframes or prototypes, and the assessment of those methodologies.

3.1 Introduction to user experience design
3.2 User search and use scenario modelling
3.3 Information architecture and prototyping
3.4 Usability testing

4 Graphical user interface design

Elements of interaction and navigation in web interfaces for mobile and desktop. Visual conceptualization through sketching, mock-ups and the definition of a library of design patterns.

4.1 Visual language
4.2 Design elements
4.3 Structure and patterns
4.4 Contextual states
4.5 Movement
4.6 Design systems and scalability

5 Programming languages

Communication protocols typical of the most common projects and languages, such as HTML5 and CSS3. Typical development frameworks and coding issues that affect development for multiple devices (responsive design).

5.1 Introduction: Parts of a website
5.2 HTML5
5.3 CSS3
5.4 JavaScript

6 Website optimization

This module focuses on the measurement and analysis of the performance of a website. The use of data collection tools to analyse and optimize results.

7 Final Postgraduate Project

Conception and design of a project for a web service or application to reflect students’ knowledge of UX/UI design, business strategy and conversion.

7.1 Investigation of the social and technological context in order to detect opportunities for digital transformation
7.2 Modelling people and scenarios applying people-centred design techniques
7.3 Development of a viable, feasible and innovative proposal for a product or service
7.4 Development of a product strategy that provides for its positioning and future consolidation in the market
7.5 Prototyping the product’s structure, interaction and interface
7.6 Presentation, communication and defence of a project in front of an evaluation panel

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