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Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Space: Shopping

Learn to design retail spaces and develop comprehensive window display projects to meet the needs of any establishment in terms of positioning brands and offering differential shopping experiences.

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What should we consider when designing commercial spaces? In the Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Space: Shopping you’ll learn everything you need to know about how design can improve the shopping experience in stores. You’ll work to enhance the image and commercial discourse of brands in order to attract customers in a differential, competitive way by appealing to all their senses. Following analysis and studies of market trends, you’ll design and develop stores accounting for the space as a whole, its communication, virtual and sensory experiences, etc.

Hand in hand with renowned professionals, you’ll learn to design both small- and large-scale commercial spaces, from the most exclusive boutiques to stores for large multinational brands. The theoretical-practical methodology and the projects in real spaces will give you an in-depth understanding of the many disciplines within the retail sector, while promoting your professional development.

The student profile for the Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Space: Shopping includes professionals with proven experience who are looking to explore new trends and perspectives in retail design.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students should have an official undergraduate university degree or equivalent in Design, Fine Arts, Architecture, Quantity Surveying or similar. Working knowledge of 2D and 3D software is necessary.


  • Mastering the conceptualization and execution of shop display windows.
  • Developing a complete design project for a large-scale commercial space.
  • Delving into the types of retail, their functions, the response to demand, economic and social activity, and future challenges.
  • Interpreting and applying social and market studies to achieve an optimal design.
  • Learning about strategies, market plans and expansion models.
  • Mastering the tools of visual communication and branding.
  • Learning about retail applied to online commerce.
  • Understanding the trends in eco-lighting.

Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Space: Shopping programme

1 Case studies in groups: Strategic branding

Introduction to the course and to branding in large-scale shopping spaces.

1.1 Case studies
1.2 Practical group work: development of a branded product
1.3 Practical group work: foundations and steps for the creation of a product
1.4 Group discussion: most relevant aspects uncovered by students during the practical work

2 Market strategies and plans: Expansion models

Analysis of different cases to obtain a strategic vision of the current market. Through analysis and study we can obtain maximum detail for the design of a commercial space.

2.1 Market strategies and plans
2.2 Bases and concepts that define the market
2.3 Market strategies and plans
2.4 Cases: Analysis of examples
2.5 Market “scales”
2.6 Trends and models
2.7 Discussion-practice: future markets

3 Concept design and execution of a display window: Project with a collaborating company

Work on a real project, from conceptualization to execution, to prepare fully for collaborating with the most demanding companies in the market.

3.1 Presentation and development of the project
3.2 Development of the project and scheduled visit (Essa Punt)
3.3 Presentation of project ideas
3.4 Execution of the project in the real display window

4 Virtual commerce: Communication tools. Visual communication

The necessary tools to improve the experience through design in online commerce, a sector subject to constant growth and evolution.

4.1 Graphics and printing
4.2 Communication tools
4.3 Visual communication
4.4 Commerce
4.5 Virtual commerce
4.6 Online commerce

5 Eco-lighting

Sustainability and the study of eco-lighting techniques. Tools, trends and models.

5.1 Lighting
5.2 Ecology in lighting
5.3 Trends and models
5.4 Tools for the use of eco-lighting

6 Final project

Address the maximum amount of detail in the design of a commercial space through the Postgraduate Final Project, a chance to put into practice the knowledge of space, communication, circulation and exhibition gained during the course.

5.1 Design and concept: differentiation using marketing strategies
5.2 Layouts (circuits)
5.3 Window display design
5.4 Visual merchandising
5.5 Lighting for large surfaces
5.6 Graphics and visual communication
5.7 Construction materials and techniques

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