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Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Concept: Branding

Discover new consumer needs and the trends in visual merchandising. With the Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Concept: Branding, you’ll learn to design retail spaces strategically.

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In a world of increasing competition among retail spaces, the brand image and discourse transmitted by establishments are key to attracting and seducing consumers. In the Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Concept: Branding, you’ll address the challenges associated with strategy and branding in the design of spaces.

Expert teachers will introduce you to the strong connection between architecture, interior design and visual communication. Through the analysis of emblematic retail spaces in Barcelona, you’ll explore topics like the different types of branding, display window design, eco-design and graphic design. Through case studies and practical projects you’ll learn how to translate brand values into the physical and digital world.

The student profile of the Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Space: Branding includes professionals with verified experience in the sector who are eager to explore new trends and perspectives in branding for retail environments.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students should hold an official university undergraduate degree or equivalent in Design, Fine Arts, Communication or similar. Basic knowledge of 2D and 3D software is required.


  • Identifying the most significant aspects of retail space design.
  • Tackling creative projects by contributing new concepts, processes and solutions.
  • Mastering the use of iconography and graphics to generate a brand identity.
  • Applying the perspectives of social inclusion, sustainability and gender in design.
  • Developing good communication skills for presenting creative projects in front of an audience.
  • Learning to work on multidisciplinary teams, in an open and constructive way.
  • Engaging in the design process to develop a commercial space.
  • Developing critical thinking and constructing a unique identity and signature within the sector.

Postgraduate in Retail Design. Design and Concept: Branding programme

1 Introduction to the theory of marketing: Retail branding

Introduction through practical cases and groupwork.

1.1 Theory of marketing
1.2 Presentation of practical cases
1.3 Group work: Practical cases (market comparisons according to countries, ages, etc.)
1.4 Discussion: Sharing of practical cases

2 The challenge of branding: New technologies

Technology has changed how we communicate and interact. The role of technology and social networks at the point of sale.

2.1 Introduction to the challenge of branding. A journey through the world of retail (introduction)
2.2 New technologies: the transformation of consumption
2.3 The phenomenon of “tuning”: customization (the self). Discussion: association of elements and settings with consumption behaviours
2.4 Case studies in group work. Introduction to branding and its typologies
2.5 Typologies and strategies
2.6 Brand analysis
2.7 Discussion: the process of analysing brand strategies

3 Study project

An innovative and sustainable retail design project applying an understanding of the following: design, commerce, retail, urbanism, the global scenario, climate action and social action.

3.1 Product presentation and development
3.2 Work in research groups
3.3 New trends and eco-design
3.4 Presentation of the project and group discussion

4 Graphics. Brand identity and iconography

The identity and iconography of a brand. The necessary knowledge to generate a suitable visual identity that transmits the values that serve as our foundation.

4.1 Design as strategy
4.2 Analysis of the process of finding a sales iconography
4.3 Values and trends
4.4 Practical cases

5 External visits

Guided visits to different facilities from the sector in Barcelona, where we’ll study examples in person to understand how to use materials and lighting.

4.1 Materials (visit to Materfad)
4.2 Lighting (visit to iGuzzini)
4.3 Company (visit Desigual to, offices and shops)

6 Visual – Window displays

Investigation of brand trends in the area of visual merchandising. Necessary principles for application in professional development.

6.1 Visual merchandising. Product display. Fixtures&Flow
6.2 The principles of visual merchandising
6.3 Marketing applied to social buying behaviour. Tour Shopping
6.4 Product analysis and strategy
6.5 Practical case and exercise: analysis of a business and investigation of its product display
6.8 Techniques of window display design
6.7 Window displays
6.9 Materials, lighting and technologies

7 Trends

A review of the latest trends through an analysis of the current situation of the market and the new paradigms in terms of audiences.

7.1 Market trends
7.2 New customers and audience segmentation

8 Retail design and image: brand, project

Synergies between lighting and materials. A discussion of our choices as designers to broaden our perspectives through experiences between teachers and students.

8.1 Presentation and development of the project
8.2 Development and presentation of the project
8.3 Presentation and discussion of proposals
8.4 Lighting, materials
8.5 Introduction: the choice of atmospheres
8.6 Synergies: light-material
8.7 New lighting technologies and materials
8.8 Effect. The manipulation of spaces (infographics-scenography)
8.9 Group discussion: analysis and choice of lighting and stages for activity programming

9 Final project: Practical exercise with a collaborating company

With the Postgraduate Final Project, carried out in a professional environment, we’ll revisit all the modules developed throughout the course.

9.1 Presentation of the project
9.2 Development of the brief in groups
9.3 Presentation of conclusions to the collaborating company
9.4 Conclusion

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