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Postgraduate in Product Development

Discover the latest technologies in industrial manufacture and product simulation and rendering tools. On the Postgraduate in Product Development you will learn to develop products that are both optimised and technologically viable.

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How can we develop a product that is optimised and technologically viable? The Postgraduate in Product Development offers a global vision for efficiently resolving a product engineering project.

You will be taught how to use the tools needed to model, represent and simulate a product’s behaviour. You will learn about the latest manufacturing technology and new sustainable materials and will put product simulation and rendering tools into practice. On completion of the master’s, you will be equipped with the skills required by companies to drive forward your professional career.

Guided by innovative teachers who are also leading lights in the sector, you will be involved in activities, challenges and projects that arise from the real briefs and needs of collaborating companies. Working with these companies is one of the key strengths of the Postgraduate in Product Development. Visits to technological centres and companies will bring you into close contact with the reality of the profession.

The companies we collaborate with include: Play, Hewlett Packard, Cosmic, Roca Sanitario, Santa&Cole, Simon, Figueras, Valira, Lamp Lighting, Educa Borras, Laken, El Naturalista, Teck-Rock, Zobele Group, Esportiva Aksa, Pando, IMC Toys, Taurus, Solac, Crevin, Signes, FujiFilm, Cata and Madel, among others.

The student profile for the Postgraduate in Product Development is that of professionals or students from different sectors, particularly the fields of design and product development engineering, who are looking to enter the professional market or update their knowledge.

EnAccess and Admission Requirements: Prospective students must have an official university degree or equivalent in Design or Industrial Design Engineering.


  • Develop a product using simple, effective and economic methods.
  • Understand the current situation of product design through professionals in the sector.
  • Apply creative techniques and resources for product expression and project management.
  • Know how to represent, visualise and simulate a product’s behaviour using CAD and CAE tools.
  • Understand what decisions are taken within a product development project.
  • Increase knowledge about the latest technologies and materials in the product development industry.
  • Assess the functional, aesthetic, cultural, technological, economic and communicative implications of a new product.
  • Undertake projects with specialised companies.

Postgraduate in Product Development programme

1 CAD/CAE technologies

3D modelling of any kind of product using CAD tools. Application of loads and boundary conditions to a specific piece and to a whole model, with the aim of analysing structural and thermal behaviour.

1.1 CAD: Design of solids, whole models and mechanisms
1.2 CAE: Structural and thermal simulation

2 Manufacturing materials and processes

Analysis and selection of materials according to their mechanical, thermal, electrical and optical properties. Knowledge of their applications today and the manufacturing aspects required to obtain a suitable form.

2.1 Material selection
2.2 Transformation and design of plastic and metal pieces

3 Company projects

You will be working with real briefs that simulate the experience of working in a professional setting. You will learn to resolve situations that arise in the working environment thanks to company collaborations.

3.1 Presentation of the companies and project brief
3.2 Analysis of the different company and market needs
3.3 Market research. Counter-brief
3.4 Product development phases and technical considerations. Tutorials
3.5 Study and selection of technical solutions
3.6 Presentation of the project in the company

4 Workshops and visits to companies

Visits to companies, foundations and technological centres to learn about the manufacturing technologies they use and come into contact with today’s professional reality.

The companies included in this respect include: Play, Lamp Lighting, CIM Foundation, ASCAMM Technology Centre and the MATERFAD Materials Centre.

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