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Postgraduate in Product Concept

Undertake experimental and professional product design projects, emphasising the research and innovation of techniques and materials. The Postgraduate in Product Concept provides the skills needed for conceptualisation and technical development in the design of new products.

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The Postgraduate in Product Concept is focused on both the experimental aspect of product design and its professional dimension. Through exercises, workshops and company collaborations, we will examine the history and current trends of product design and study the resources and research tools needed to successfully undertake and direct a product design process.

At Elisava we are leaders in the application of experimental design in academic projects and work with an exploratory approach focused on innovation in new technologies and materials. The configuration of form and interaction between industrial products is also of great importance. The acquisition of this knowledge, combined with today’s creativity techniques and UX, results in a comprehensive training programme in product conceptualisation.

You will undertake projects to resolve real briefs in exclusive workshops that we run with companies from the sector, who will offer you a broad perspective for carrying out experimental projects and professional activities. A teaching team comprising active professionals will provide ongoing assessment so that you can enter into direct contact with today’s working context. We have worked with over 30 national and international companies and project commissions involving a broad range of different areas.

The student profile is someone with the capacity to communicate creative ideas, looking to explore possibilities in product design and perform design processes with greater effectiveness.

Access and Admission Requirements: You must have an official university degree or equivalent in Design or Industrial Design Engineering.


  • Undertake new product design projects, from the conceptual phase to the product’s technical development.
  • Learn about a project’s technological feasibility and production costs.
  • Apply creativity techniques, user-centred design resources and experimental design methods.
  • Understand the situation of product design today.
  • Gain a solid understanding of the latest technologies and materials.
  • Evaluate the functional, aesthetic, cultural, technological, economic and communicative implications of new products.
  • Learn to use CAD, CAM and CAE tools to create 3D geometric images, high quality renders and assembly and operation videos for the product.
  • Experiment through projects with companies from the sector.

Postgraduate in Product Concept programme

1 Concept module

History of and current trends in people-centred design.

1.1 Product. Experience. Service
1.2 Design map

2 Project module

Research projects and projects with companies to obtain feasible design concepts.

2.1 Company project
2.2 Research project
2.3 Workshop

3 Representation module

Drawing tools and computer resources for representing design concepts.

3.1 Digital expression
3.2 Sketching
3.3 Models
3.4 Ways to present

4 Management module

Elements needed to effectively carry out and direct a design process.

4.1 Management
4.2 Design protection
4.3 Communication resources

5 Final project

5.1 Conceptual workshop
5.2 Research project in product design
5.3 Conferences

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