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Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy

Discover the graphic design tools and branding strategies to help you create and design the structure of a comprehensive packaging project from its form to its communication.

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How can we use packaging to make products more seductive and help them communicate with consumers? In an increasingly competitive market, designing a package means providing a product that is attractive to its target audience and that, at the same time, incorporates social awareness and environmental responsibility. From typography to marketing, every detail counts in achieving an optimal design. In the Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy, you’ll learn all the techniques and tools you need to successfully communicate the attributes of a product through its packaging.

You’ll work alongside with the most prominent packaging designers in each sector, and you’ll learn their methodologies to attain the best possible results. Through theoretical capsules and practical workshops, you’ll learn to design product packaging from the standpoint of strategy and branding.

You’ll master the development of a comprehensive packaging project in all its phases: the initial briefing, naming and brand creation, packaging architecture, design, models and the final artwork, applied to different sectors. Additionally, you’ll learn about complementary tools like microtypography, while discovering the aesthetics and the history of packaging.

The student profile for the Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy includes people with curiosity and attention to detail, who have good communication skills and an interest in breaking into an expanding market.

Access and Admission Requirements: Professionals who have completed an official undergraduate degree or the equivalent in Design or Engineering. We will also consider profiles from the world of marketing and advertising. Knowledge of graphic design software is required.

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  • Learning to execute and present a comprehensive packaging project.
  • Understanding how a product is created and developed from the point of view of marketing.
  • Implementing the knowledge acquired during the course through the analysis, planning, design and execution of packaging projects.
  • Understanding the materials and systems used in the packaging industry.
  • Learning which factors condition the selection and production of a package for a specific product.
  • Delving into the history of packaging, current trends and social determinants.
  • Learning to create packaging that meets the demands of different sectors.
  • Acquiring the skills to design more efficient and sustainable packaging.

Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy programme

1 Packaging projects

Practical workshops lasting between 18 and 24 teaching hours, supervised by specialists in the sector. Resolution of a case based on different working methods.

1.1 Unconventional packaging. Conceptualizing and designing an experience
1.2 Packaging redesign
1.3 Communication and mass consumer packaging
1.4 Branding and mass consumer packaging
1.5 Packaging for cosmetics and fragrances
1.6 Packaging for wine
1.7 Packaging for gourmet products: Art direction and food photography

2 An introduction to packaging, history and recent developments

Origins of packaging, typologies, trends and legislation through theoretical classes. Short exercises in research and analysis.

2.1 Cultural and social origins of packaging
2.2 Aesthetics and trend analysis
2.3 Brand typologies and copyright
2.4 Packaging legislation

3 Design and presentation tools

Design tools: creative writing, calligraphy and typography in theoretical-practical classes. Experimentation through exercises.

3.1 Creative writing: naming and storytelling
3.2 Introduction to the concepts of calligraphy, lettering and typography
3.3 Microtypography and labelling workshop
3.4 Techniques for presenting in public

4 Branding in the packaging environment

Concepts and content on brands and their strategies, which we will apply throughout the design workshops.

4.1 Types of brands, brand essence, personality, identity and awareness
4.2 Brand identity strategies and brand architecture
4.3 Brand values, personality and storytelling

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