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Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters

Develop innovative interior design projects while accounting for sustainability, health and well-being. The Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters will teach you to understand the needs of each domestic space to give it character and meaning.

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How do we give character and meaning to domestic spaces? In the Postgraduate in Interior Space Design: Private Perimeters, you’ll learn to develop comprehensive interior design projects taking into account the new economic, social and cultural conditions, health and well-being, and environmental conditions.

The programme combines theoretical content with practical sessions to teach you to develop innovative projects to an advanced level of definition.

Access and Admission Requirements: Professional or academic profiles with a university degree or equivalent in Interior Design, Architecture, Building Surveying, Engineering or Fine Arts. Students must be proficient in 3D design software and have accredited experience in the different fields of study.


  • Preparing a comprehensive interior design project.
  • Following up on a project to ensure a final result consistent with the initial proposal.
  • Responding to the new demands and perspectives of society.
  • Interpreting contemporary and historical references and developing a critical perspective.
  • Implementing lighting installations and systems from the standpoint of sustainability.
  • Incorporating cultural and technological references in an innovative and creative way.
  • Learning to select materials and furniture aligned with the design.
  • Using resources, materials and technologies responsibly, safely and efficiently.

Postgraduate in Interior Space Design. Private Perimeters programme

1 Criteria

Conceptual aspects of an interior space design project, as well as its design and construction process.

1.1 Theoretical reflections (historical context and trends in the current context)

1.2 Design and construction process (design process of an interior design studio, construction process and visions)

1.3 Conferences (presentations of their own work by professionals from the world of interior design, architecture and design)

2 Media

Necessary meedia to define a project, the installations with lighting as the main subject, the materials, the products and the colour.

2.1 Facilities. Comfort and sustainability (general implementation of the facilities, sustainability criteria and energy efficiency, sanitation, ventilation and gas, plumbing, renewable energy, thermal installations, electricity, home automation and telecommunications, lighting)

2.2 Materials and furniture (criteria for choosing materials, materials and products, new materials, furniture)

2.3 Color and texture (color and user, chromatic language, color and material)

3 Workshops

Conceptual and experimental development of different interior spaces in a dwelling.

3.1 Kitchen workshop
3.2 Bathroom workshop
3.3 Creative workshop

4 Postgraduate Final Project

Development of an interior design project for a domestic space to the level of construction drawings. You’ll work on a real space, an existing dwelling or building, with well-defined specific needs and characteristics. You’ll have support from professionals and specialists, who will offer you their advice.

In previous years, we have completed unique projects such as a flat in Antoni Gaudí’s La Pedrera building, a penthouse in the Institut Francès by Josep Antoni Coderch, a modernist house in the Gràcia neighbourhood, a flat in the Edifici Colom high-rise tower in Barcelona, a prefabricated house using a modular system, and the transformation of a warehouse into several apartments.

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