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Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling

Design spaces and develop unique experiences for the hotel sector. In the Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling, you’ll learn to analyse new habits and develop projects from a comprehensive and responsible, creative and innovative vision.

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Hotel accommodations are a strategic part of tourism, a sector that generates significant economic activity. In today’s highly competitive environment, with an increasingly demanding and selective clientele, the sector is being reinvented: hotels no longer simply offer accommodation and good service; they invite their guests to engage in special, unique experiences.

How people travel has changed radically: accommodations, from low-cost to luxury, need to stand out from the competition. In this context, the interior design of those spaces plays a crucial role in the value chain of the hotel business.

The Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling is designed to offer a specialization in the sector from a comprehensive and responsible, creative and innovative perspective. Your design of hotel accommodations isn’t just about distributing spaces and creating attractive atmospheres; it’s also about analysing new habits, researching and developing original concepts.

The profile of students in the Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling includes creative people with specialized technical knowledge who want to respond to the challenges brought about by new forms of accommodation.

Access and Admission Requirements: Applicants should have an official university degree or equivalent in a discipline related to space design. Knowledge of 3D software applied to interior design is necessary.

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  • Designing innovative and creative proposals.
  • Learning to evaluate a professional commission from the sector and to recognize the client’s real needs.
  • Mastering the entire creative process, from the conceptualization of the project to execution and maintenance.
  • Integrating all the technical building services and facilities that come together in a design.
  • Understanding all the disciplines involved, including furniture, applied graphics and lighting.
  • Learning to relate with all the agents involved in a project.
  • Becoming familiar with the necessary tools to develop proposals in line with the different business models in the hotel industry.
  • Understanding the specific circumstances in the industry today.

Postgraduate in Interior Design for Hotels and New Hostelling programme

1 Components

Correlation between management models and spatial organization. Identification of the differences between vertical and horizontal organization.

1.1 Public spaces (lobby, hall, atrium, reception and restrooms, meeting rooms, libraries, conference rooms, ballrooms, bar, lounge, dining room, club, breakfast, break area, terrace, games room, gym, wellness center, spa, wine bar, cooking lab , cinematheque)
1.2 Service spaces (lobbies, stairs, landings, corridors, model rooms, suites, junior suites, family rooms, aparthotel, shared, bathrooms)

2 Spatial organization to serve the concept

Organizing a hotel in response to a management model and a concept, while also reviewing the history and trends in the hotel industry.

2.1 Origins and historical references
2.2 Models from wellness culture
2.3 Trends and the new economy

3 Hotel project

Design for a real client.

3.1 Specific cases: expansion, renewal, transformation or renovation
3.2 Themes: wellness, students, seniors, sports, gender, low-cost, corporate vs. couples, family, tourists, singles, private club, etc.

4 Contract project: Model room

Developing a project with a real client, you’ll work as a team and experiment with the design of a space for a hotel chain.

4.1 Fit Out. Finishes
4.2 Furniture, fixtures & equipment (FF&E).
4.3 Signage. Paths, evocations and attractions. Application to the concept.

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