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Postgraduate in Graphic and Structural Packaging Design

Discover the tools, materials and techniques for printing and promoting packaging to provide added value to any product. With the Postgraduate in Graphic and Structural Packaging Design you’ll learn to design and execute any comprehensive packaging project.

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The graphic design, formats and materials used in packaging have an increasingly growing impact on products, both in terms of the notoriety they generate at the point of sale and in the experience of consumers. Innovating in packaging is an opportunity that we should harness, as design professionals, to add sense and meaning to a product. In the Postgraduate in Graphic and Structural Packaging Design, you’ll learn to take on any project that involves the definition, design and creation of packaging as a container and as an element of protection and presentation.

The programme focuses on both the graphic design and the structural design of packaging, not only from a technical point of view, but also from the standpoint of form and communication. During the course, you’ll gain the necessary knowledge to create a product from the perspective of strategy and branding, to detect customer needs and address the solution, design and execution of any packaging project.

You’ll work alongside the most prestigious packaging designers in the sector and you’ll learn how the methods they use to achieve optimal results. Based on theoretical capsules and practical workshops you’ll acquire the tools to conceptualize and develop comprehensive projects.

In a continuously expanding market, the packaging industry needs professionals with the ability to communicate a product’s attributes both formally and graphically, while developing packaging that demonstrates social conscience and environmental responsibility. The profile for students of the Postgraduate in Packaging Design and Strategy includes creative, innovative people who are eager to explore the opportunities offered by design as it is applied to packaging.

Access and Admission Requirements: Professionals who have completed an official undergraduate degree or the equivalent in Graphic Design and Engineering or Product Design. We will also consider profiles from the world of marketing and advertising. Knowledge of graphic design software is required.

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  • Analysing, designing and executing comprehensive packaging projects.
  • Learning the working methods of product managers and specialists in packaging design.
  • Acquiring a solid foundation in branding.
  • Understanding the factors that determine the production and selection of a container for a product.
  • Creating and developing a product from the perspective of marketing.
  • Delving into the systems for creating packaging, prepress and printing, quality control, and types of packaging.
  • Understanding customers’ needs and what they value in packaging design.

Postgraduate in Graphic and Structural Packaging Design programme

1 Packaging projects

Practical workshops on graphic and structural packaging design. Each workshop is supervised by a teacher who is an expert in the field, who will supervise the resolution of the case using their habitual working methods.

1.1 Eco-packaging
1.2 Structural packaging. An introduction to forms
1.3 Structural packaging. Innovation and materials
1.4 Structural packaging. Concept and printing
1.5 Minimum packaging. High-value small formats
1.6 Packaging and point of sale
1.7 Standard packaging

2 Eco-design of containers and packaging

An introduction to concepts and content that will be applied during the design workshops, to put that knowledge into practice.

2.1 Eco-design criteria for packaging
2.2 Assessing the environmental impact of a container
2.3 Analysis of a product’s life cycle
2.4 Optimization of resources in packaging design: reduction of weight and volume, use of recycled materials, reuse of packaging and recyclability

3 Design and management tools

Neuromarketing and sketching tools, and tools for protecting your designs, taught through theoretical-practical classes. We will experiment and consolidate learning through exercises.

3.1 Typesetting
3.2 Sketching, layout and modelling
3.3 Neuromarketing: How does buying work? Shopping and the human brain
3.4 Protecting your designs: Intellectual property, industrial property and patents
3.5 Project management and assessment

4 Materials, prepress and printing

An understanding of the printing process, which will be applied during the design workshops.

4.1 Packaging materials: paper and cardboard, rigid and semi-rigid plastics, flexible packaging and complex materials, metal products and aerosols, glass, etc.
4.2 Systems for manufacturing and creating packaging
4.3 Prepress and printing systems
4.4 Quality controls
4.5 Labelling, marking and coding

5 Marketing: strategies for communication and promotion

Theoretical concepts of marketing and communication, which will be put into practice during the design workshops.

5.1 Consumer, company and market. Marketing as a business philosophy
5.2 Packaging as a business and communication strategy
5.3 Packaging as a product/market need
5.4 Packaging displays and promotion at the point of sale

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