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Postgraduate in Furniture Design for the Habitat

Design and produce contemporary furniture using new techniques, processes and materials. With the Postgraduate in Furniture Design for the Habitat you’ll learn to create and develop furniture to meet society’s needs in the domestic sphere.

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The roles and functions of furniture in everyday life in society have undergone a profound transformation. Beyond functionality and comfort, furniture has become a consumer object that is subject to trends and their dynamics. This new reality offers an opportunity to innovate in design by drawing on an understanding of new techniques, materials and processes. In the Postgraduate in Furniture Design for the Habitat, you’ll become familiar with all the elements you need to create furniture and design products for domestic spaces. You’ll complete and execute real furniture design and development projects, hand in hand with specialists who are experts in the traditions of design and craftsmanship, and who understand the current industrialized reality of the sector.

Through talks, visits to showrooms and domestic spaces, and projects developed in direct contact with companies, you’ll explore the challenges presented by the design of industrial and custom furniture. You’ll immerse yourself in the history of furniture and its trends, and in the development of projects that correspond to real cases and real needs.

The student profile for the Postgraduate in Furniture Design for the Habitat is diverse and includes dedicated professionals with a passion for design, who are eager to exchange knowledge and are looking to explore new avenues in the field.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students are required to have earned an official undergraduate degree or equivalent in Architecture, Product Engineering, Product Design or Space Design and have advanced knowledge of 2D and 3D programs. We will also consider profiles with accredited experience in the programme’s fields of study.

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  • Mastering the tools to develop industrial furniture and custom projects.
  • Learning the fundamentals for identifying uses and typologies of furniture.
  • Gaining the ability to develop adaptable and ergonomic objects.
  • Understanding the processes, technologies and materials involved in the design of domestic furniture.
  • Learning how to design elements for spatial transformation.
  • Understanding the phases in design work and professional project planning.
  • Delving into the production methods and artistic techniques characteristic of the sector.
  • Building a portfolio based on the projects developed during the course.

Postgraduate in Furniture Design for the Habitat programme

1 An introduction to the history of furniture as a driver of innovation

The history of furniture. Understanding of the different professional profiles involved in its design and production. Contemporary design and research into new solutions.

2 Domestic furniture

Visits to showrooms, talks with industrialists and furniture design professionals to learn about the current landscape of production, sales and distribution in the sector.

3 Custom furniture

Custom furniture design to meet clients’ specific needs. Analysis of its development, limitations and opportunities.

4 Construction criteria, materials and technologies

A review of the use of materials and wood derivatives as raw materials.

4.1 Wooden boards. Types, characteristics and commercial sizes. Decorative finishes. Synthetic coatings, new materials derived from wood.
4.2 Other materials: plastic furniture, metal, analysis based on practical examples, next generation materials or from other industries, new applications.
4.3 Auxiliary industries: fittings, components for the construction of furniture.
4.4 Designing upholstered furniture, injection moulded upholstered furniture, the auxiliary industry in upholstery.

5 Projects

Practical projects to explore the fundamental areas of furniture design for domestic spaces. The proposals are representative of real scenarios and needs.

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