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Postgraduate in Furniture Design for Communities, Contract and Urban

Design and develop furniture while taking into account new technologies, materials and processes. With this postgraduate you’ll learn to design furniture to meet the needs of users in collective urban spaces, work spaces and leisure spaces.

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How can we create furniture that meets the needs of workplaces as well as collective spaces, both public and private? In this programme, you’ll dive into the reality of a changing industry, where the focus is on new materials and technologies. In the Postgraduate in Furniture Design for Communities, Contract and Urban we’ll explore furniture design and industrial production aimed at equipping public and private shared spaces.

You’ll learn the most innovative methodologies in the trade from professionals with distinguished professional careers. Through practical exercises, lectures and visits to spaces, you’ll master the different typologies, materials, lighting strategies and technologies. You’ll gain a comprehensive perspective, making you ready to develop designs for spaces like auditoriums, offices, hotels, restaurants, workplaces, sports facilities and urban spaces, among others.

The Postgraduate in Furniture Design for Communities, Contract and Urban identifies and connects a variety of professional profiles. The student profile includes creative people who are looking to explore the trends, tools and professional practices of a discipline that has become a benchmark.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students should hold an official undergraduate degree or equivalent in Architecture, Product Engineering, Product Design or Interior Design. Verified professional experience and advanced knowledge of 2D and 3D planning or design software are also necessary.


  • Gaining in-depth knowledge of current trends and references in manufacturing and design.
  • Determining the most appropriate materials, technical solutions and processes in keeping with costs and production goals.
  • Mastering the specific formal language of the sector, establishing a fluid dialogue with users.
  • Using the tools and techniques of product design oriented toward the furniture sector.
  • Understanding the phases in design work and professional project planning.
  • Evaluating the specific needs of a client based on the analysis of their catalogue and product.
  • Delving into the processes, technologies and materials for providing viable and innovative solutions.
  • Consolidating a portfolio based on the projects developed during the course.

Postgraduate in Furniture Design for Communities, Contract and Urban programme

1 Furniture and work spaces

The meaning and role of furniture in work spaces, waiting areas and reception areas. Different types of furniture, materials and manufacturing techniques.

1.1 The work table, precedents
1.2 The office table, the professional chair
1.3 The ergonomics of seating
1.4 Market information: the essential elements of a collection
1.5 Technical and regulatory aspects in the development of office furniture
1.6 Typologies, work spaces, representative areas, the symbolic meaning of furniture in the workplace, waiting rooms and reception areas, technical chairs, the auxiliary industry, materials and manufacturing techniques
1.7 Lighting and the work space

2 Furniture for restaurants, hotels and homes

Typologies of furniture depending on where it will be used, along with custom furnishings, furniture for hotels and residential spaces, and uses adapted to domestic spaces.

3 Furniture and urban space

Furniture for multipurpose public spaces: typologies, materials and maintenance. Custom projects, the organization of space, and singular elements.

3.1 Urban furniture as a transfer of domestic uses and habits
3.2 The bench, the fountain and the lamppost, the origins of urban furniture
3.3 Elements of play, children’s games, play equipment
3.4 Emblematic elements and landmarks
3.5 Elements of signage and segregation of spaces
3.6 The city and bicycles
3.7 Furnishings for beaches
3.8 Uses, forms and materials
3.9 Vandalism and maintenance
3.10 Lighting and urban space

4 Furniture in new multipurpose public spaces

Lighting, materials and sustainable design in large spaces for public events and performances.

4.1 Lighting
4.2 Materials and technologies
4.3 Sustainability and ecodesign

5 Postgraduate Final Project

Final project, the design and production of two pieces of furniture: one focused on contract furniture and the other for self-production.

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