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Postgraduate in Design of Network Applications and Interactive Services

Learn the necessary skills to initiate, direct and design interactive products, applications and services from a perspective focused on strategy, use and user experience.

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The Internet has become our main tool for searching for information, shopping and even social interaction. The market needs professionals who understand users’ needs and who know how to harness the potential of digital services to promote social and economic growth. The Postgraduat in Design of Interactive Applications and Services introduces you to the techniques, languages and tools you need to conceptualize and develop services and applications focused on the user experience.

You’ll learn by working first-hand with experts in the programme’s different areas. Following a very practical approach based on case studies cases and your own personal project, you’ll gain an in-depth vision of business strategy and user experience (UX), as well as the technology tied to interface design. From strategic definition and value propositions to developing roadmaps for implementation, we’ll explore all the different stages and tasks, while covering the technical knowledge you’ll need for developing technological solutions – from databases to programming languages and API integration.

To give you a clear understanding of the labour world, you’ll have the possibility of participating in internships with important companies like Everis, BeRepublic, GammaUX, Optimyzet, Multiplica, Ogilvy, Ulabox and Diari Ara, among others. After completing the course, many of our students have joined leading companies in the sector both in Spain and abroad. Many of the postgraduate final projects have also received prestigious international awards, funding and scholarships.

Students of the Postgraduate in Design of Applications and Interactive Services should have an innovative attitude, the capacity for independent learning, and a desire to explore the novel solutions that design and technology can offer society.

Access and Admission Requirements: We recommend students to have completed undergraduate studies in Design in the following sectors: Industrial Design Engineering, Product Development, Audio-visual Communication, Advertising, Computer Engineering, Multimedia Studies, Journalism, Psychology, Sociology or other social sciences. For those without a university degree, students can gain access to the Postgraduate in Design of Applications and Interactive Services by demonstrating verified professional experience in the sector. Students must have basic knowledge of 3D software.

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  • Designing and implementing user-centric websites and applications.
  • Understanding the importance of the user experience as a link between technology, design and interaction. 
  • Understanding the dynamics of the Internet and digital technologies.
  • Applying the techniques associated with user experience, interaction design and interface design to services and applications.
  • Mastering agile methodologies for project planning and management.
  • Applying the principles of user interface design to the creation of visual systems and micro-interactions.
  • Analysing the social context, identifying opportunities and proposing innovation challenges to promote digital transformation.

Postgraduate in Design of Network Applications and Interactive Services programme

1 Network applications and services: Business and conversion

Key concepts to ensure the success of a web project. Market environment, value proposition for users, business model, metrics. Tools to transform a project into a visual design, with a good UX and quality content.

2 Tools

Content management systems (CMS), with special emphasis on Drupal and WordPress. Installation, configuration and extension through the use of modules and plugins. Tools for web analytics.

3 Languages, APIs and Mashups

Fundamental concepts for creating web applications, from languages like JavaScript or PHP to mySQL databases. Customization and incorporation of libraries and other tools into your projects, APIs from services like YouTube or Google, and creating mashups.

4 Creativity, brand and business

Identification and synopsis of the focus of an interactive product, connection with the context on a cultural, technological and economic level. Definition of business models, product communication, reputation management and legal aspects related to digital businesses.

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