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Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies

Develop your creativity in strategic design projects to create and communicate messages that position a brand or company. Carry out comprehensive campaigns in traditional and digital media, generating interaction and dialogue with the user.

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What are the keys of persuasive communication? How to enhance creativity? How to generate a unique and effective creative leap? With the Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies you will develop a global and strategic vision of communication and design. You will be able to propose innovative solutions in the short, medium and long term, as well as integrate traditional media with digital media, promoting constant interaction and dialogue with the audience.

In a context increasingly complex and saturated with information, the relationship established between the audience and companies with society is in full flux. Before, they launched their products and services in a unidirectional way to the market, now they seek to manage a strategic communication oriented to the interaction with the user. In this transfer, creativity, design and visual communication play a key role.

Through a theoretical framework and a practical approach, we will treat strategy and creativity as indivisible parts of the same reality. This approach will allow you to create pieces capable of conveying information, generating emotion and provoking a reaction. In short, you will turn creativity into an economic and transformative value.

You will work hand in hand with active professionals who will transmit their knowledge and experience to you in theoretical classes and practical projects. You will create transmedia communication artifacts after analyzing and defining the needs, motivations and ideals of the users.

The profile of students of this postgraduate is that of professionals from the creative world, who want to learn about the latest trends in the communication sector and their application in the field of organizations and companies.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent to Graphic Design, Audiovisual Communication, Fine Arts, etc.


  • Positioning organizations from both the private and public sectors.
  • Incorporating the latest trends in communication and comprehensive marketing.
  • Developing a vision and strategic thinking to achieve real and efficient solutions to the problems raised.
  • Integrating the latest research criteria in user-centered design with the current practice of advertising activity.
  • Training specialists in advertising and with a critical vision.
  • Knowing creative methods to create disruptive and persuasive projects in the field of advertising.
  • Exploring and analyzing the business world, learning about its communication needs and developing creative skills to solve them.

Postgraduate in Design and Communication Strategies programme

1 Communication and context

Main concepts and framework for the analysis and proposal of creative solutions.

1.1 Biological origin of communication
1.2 The reptilian, mammalian and rational brain
1.3 Theory of communication. Semiotics and communication
1.4 An ethnographic look at communication
1.5 The communication needs of companies
1.6 Strategic communication in public administration
1.7 The strategy in personal presentations

2 Analysis and strategy

Different media to carry out an action: traditional media and new media. Tools to analyze and plan campaigns, such as comprehensive marketing and strategic planning.

1.1 Analysis and strategy
1.2 Analysis of the environment
1.3 Segmentation and targets
1.4 Positioning
1.5 Corporate strategy: branding and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)
1.6 Communication strategy and strategic planning
1.7 Disciplines (Paid, Owned, Earned)

3 Languages, supports and channels

Theoretical framework and creative practice of graphic communication from its ability to develop and transmit messages that add value to organizations based on a proposed strategy.

3.1 Graphic communication
3.2 Languages, supports and channels
3.3 Aesthetics and style in graphic communication
3.4 Visual communication resources
3.5 Transmedia communication
3.6 Social media

4 A project is a journey. Hourglass Method

Design methodology that effectively integrates all these disciplines and media in a communication project with the aim of positioning a brand, selling a product or disseminating a social action.

4.1 Project theory of design. Prefiguration
4.2 Spiral design method
4.3 Chart. Diagrams for management
4.4 Strategy, stages, planning and dynamics of the project
4.5 Effectiveness of public presentations

5 Final project

Final Postgraduate Project that aims to apply the contents and tools taught during the course, and prepare you to tackle complex projects.

5.1 Project tutorials and workshops
5.2 Script, dramaturgy and video-case for the presentation of projects

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