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Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising

Learn about positioning for brands and companies by using creative ideas that communicate their products and connect with their audiences. With the Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising you’ll create effective brand messages to generate differential value in creative advertising.

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The need to offer differential value in an increasingly competitive market and in an era of information overload demands new creative advertising proposals. In this context, the Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising will help you turn your creativity into a transformative value capable of seducing and influencing people. You’ll learn methods and tools to create effective and coherent brand messages that add value, help position brands, and cultivate their identity.

In the Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising you’ll learn to develop campaigns with the help of experts who will share their knowledge in the form of theoretical concepts and practical projects to promote your analytical capacity and creativity.

They’ll teach you to master persuasive and effective resources such as advertising graphics, spots, branded content, interactive advertising and new media. In addition, you’ll understand the fundamentals of creativity in advertising, and you’ll learn to create persuasive and relevant messages that can be adapted to multiple platforms and media.

The role of professional creative directors is closely tied to brands and communication, but they can also be a part of any number of projects ranging from business strategy to engineering, art and entertainment. As a result, the student profile for the Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising is cross-cutting: people who understand the decisive importance of creativity in advertising and who are looking to adapt to the constant changes affecting us in the information age.

Access and Admission Requirements: An official university undergraduate degree or equivalent in Graphic Design, Audio-visual Communication, Fine Arts, etc. Some professional experience is required.

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  • Incorporating the latest trends in communication and comprehensive marketing.
  • Promoting creativity in differentiating and positioning organizations in both the private and public sectors.
  • Developing a strategic vision to achieve real, efficient solutions to the problems laid out in the course.
  • Integrating the latest research criteria in user-centred design with the current practice of advertising.
  • Becoming an expert in advertising with a focus on efficiency and a critical vision.
  • Developing a variety of creative methods that work for disruptive and persuasive projects in the field of advertising.
  • Incorporating strategic planning as a step toward defining the value proposition, transforming it into a creative concept and developing it into an efficient communicative action.
  • Creating transmedia communication artifacts based on the analysis and definition of people’s needs, motivations and ideals.

Postgraduate in Creative Direction and Advertising programme

1 Professional context and creativity

A review of the advertising and creative world to learn about the tasks, processes and responsibilities of professional creative directors. Techniques and creative methods.

1.1 Advertising and context (evolution, cross-cutting vision, BEEF method, advertising and business, creative brief, creative techniques – copy concept)

2 Creative department and Tool Kit

Understand and explain the world through stories. Theory and practice of storytelling. Tools for generating content that connects with our audience, and for presenting it to clients and our team.

2.1 Method for generating creative concepts
2.2 Imaginaries and persuasion

3 Thinking digitally

The traditional structures of advertising and brand communication are going through a transition. New consumption habits and new digital media that have broken into the current panorama.

3.1 Interactivity
3.2 Analysis of digital and interactive channels and formats
3.3 Social media and digital identity
3.4 Interactive creativity
3.5 Digital channels and media
3.6 Innovation and technology applied to communication

4 Total Events. Large-format advertising

Large-format advertising is one of the most effective means of capturing the public’s attention. Review of its evolution and current trends.

4.1 Events. Organization and basic methods
4.2 Contextualization, evolution and trends
4.3 Agencies
4.4 Representing brands and celebrities
4.5 Large-format advertising
4.6 A globalized world

5 Production and campaign

Development of a campaign including various creative parts with special emphasis on the audio-visual world and new media.

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