Postgraduate in Coolhunting. Design and Global Trends

Apply qualitative research, identify trends and design future scenarios. The Postgraduate in Coolhunting. Design and Global Trends will equip you with the knowledge, skills and tools needed to help any organisation increase its capacity to prosper.

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We live in an increasingly uncertain and complex world, where the only constant is change. In such an environment, an organisation’s competitiveness means being strategically prepared for change at the right moment. We must adapt or transform, or face becoming obsolete.

Faced with this new context, organisations need a new kind of professional, one who can successfully operate a business as it is today, while exploring avenues of future business potential; someone capable of identifying new opportunities and transforming them into solutions that add value sustainably and systematically.

The Postgraduate in Coolhunting. Design and Global Trends will give you the knowledge, skills and tools needed to be an agent of change in any organisation, enabling you to read the environment and identify the most relevant business opportunities. In this regard, this postgraduate will teach you to apply ethnographic techniques, identify trends and design future scenarios.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent. High level of English in speaking, writing and reading.


  • Providing training for resilient professionals capable of leading change and innovation responsibly in uncertain, complex and accelerated environments.
  • Providing training for consultants capable of researching, creating and participating in processes of innovation and strategy.
  • Developing critical thinking and problem-solving skills in order to negotiate uncertainty and develop innovation strategies.
  • Understanding how to apply design management methodologies to new business and social challenges using a people-centred approach.
  • Providing the tools, skills and knowledge needed to turn relevant problems and opportunities into added-value solutions for clients, users, companies and/or society.
  • Developing skills to manage teams and people in changing environments.
  • Offering a space for interaction with other agents of innovation processes to be able to work in multidisciplinary teams.


Postgraduate in Coolhunting. Design and Global Trends programme

1 Business design

Tools and methodologies for developing the soft skills of a business designer.

2 Qualitative research

Methods and tools from sociology, anthropology, market research and semiotics.

3 Trend analysis

The most relevant trends and analysis of their effects and implications to understand how user needs, behaviour and expectations will evolve.

4 Future scenarios

Tools and methodologies to design future scenarios, in collaboration with Elisava Research.

5 Critical essays

Debates and analysis of articles and content on the future and challenges facing society.

6 Urban immersion

Innovation ecosystems of two of Europe’s most innovative cities: Barcelona and Berlin.

7 Final Postgraduate Project

Application of different knowledge, tools and methodologies to specific projects (identifying trends and designing future scenarios + improving or accelerating an established company’s innovation capacity).

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