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Postgraduate in Design of Bars and Restaurants

Specialize in interior design for restaurant spaces. With the Postgraduate in Design of Bars and Restaurants, you’ll learn to create innovative designs to generate unique experiences through interior design.

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The Postgraduate in Design of Bars and Restaurants is an innovative and specialized training program that brings together gastronomy and design with the aim of offering patrons unique experiences and comfort during their time at a bar or restaurant.

In this postgraduate programme we’ll address the specificities of designing bars and restaurants to develop proposals adapted to each client’s real needs, providing added value through a global understanding of the sector.

You’ll carry out your projects comprehensively, working in interdisciplinary groups to integrate the interests of all the parties involved: the business interests, chefs or bartenders, and customers.

The profile of students for the Postgraduate in Design of Bars and Restaurants centres on professionals from the world of interior design or architecture, as well as decisive and dynamic people who want to merge their knowledge of design with the world of gastronomy. This knowledge can also be applied to the design of kitchens and dining rooms in domestic spaces.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent and professional experience in the sector. Students must have basic knowledge of 3D interior design software.


  • Completing design or redesign projects to optimize restaurant spaces.
  • Learning about the architectural and functional needs of any kind of venue.
  • Developing commissions with a clear vision in keeping with the technical development of the design.
  • Understanding the industry of technical kitchen equipment, as well as the contract channel, construction elements, furniture and lighting for dining rooms and bars.
  • Learning about technical systems and building services such as air conditioning, extraction systems, fire prevention, insulation and soundproofing.
  • Developing a project for any context and location using innovative and creative proposals.
  • Learning about various gastronomic projects through visits and real cases.

Postgraduate in Design of Bars and Restaurants programme

1 Temporary design. Pop-up bar

Creative process: Design of a pop-up bar for temporary use in a given place.

2 Narrative design. Bar

An overview of the origins and evolution of bars and restaurants. Importance of these spaces in our society and culture.

2.1 Narrative of interior space
2.2 History of restaurants and bars
2.3 Individual project: The bar as a “hangout” in literature, painting and film

3 Concept design. Gastronomic space

Analysis of a brief for the development of a design that meets all the requirements.

3.1 Analysis
3.2 Concept

4 Postgraduate Final Project. Restaurant

Real project in a local in Barcelona.

4.1 Technical requirements (implementation, systems, site visit)
4.2 Furniture and equipment. Contract channel (furniture, equipment and decoration, furniture, fixtures and equipment, materials, models)
4.3 Project

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