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Master in Strategic Design in Complexity

The MA in Strategic Design in Complexity combines strategic design, systems thinking, sustainability and applied social sciences to devise new approaches in the field of business and social innovation. You can take this master in Barcelona or Madrid.

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The Master in Strategic Design in Complexity combines design disciplines with other applied social sciences to respond to today’s challenges, developing students’ capacities to solve problems both in the business sphere and all kinds of organisational or community-based settings.

Design has found a place in practically all aspects of society and is no longer exclusively limited to areas related to craft, art and architecture. Following this trend, strategic planning and its application have begun to form part of the world of design, driving new hybrid disciplines and theories that encompass areas like innovation, inclusive design, corporate design and strategic design, but also areas like leadership, sustainability, systems thinking and business change and development, among others.

As the world becomes increasingly VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous), areas like strategy design and the role of strategy in design are gaining relevance. This master responds to the context of society’s growing complexity and the need for a systems approach for solving problems. It thereby aims to prepare a new generation of professionals, like you, by not only enhancing your business skills, but also equipping you with the design capacities required to develop initiatives that respond to the challenges and needs of the 21st century, including environmental and ethical issues.

In this context, the programme promotes ethnographic and anthropological research, ideation and prototyping to devise new approaches in the field of business and social innovation. You will gain design-based critical thinking skills, while developing sophisticated perspectives on organisational and management strategy, financial and environmental strategy, entrepreneurial spirit and ethical leadership.

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Workshop Strategic Design


  • Obtaining the knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to adopt an innovative and strategic approach to competing on the global market as design and business development professionals.
  • Providing the knowledge, methodologies and skills needed to address projects from a strategic design perspective.
  • Learning about the design and strategy disciplines and their evolution and interaction.
  • Analysing trends and translate them into actionable ideas.
  • Understanding the complexity of the challenges and developments arising from systems.
  • Constructing problem formulations and research designs.
  • Applying different methodologies in the construction of prototypes and proposals.
  • Creating value propositions, models and strategies.


MA in Strategic Design in Complexity programme

1 The business of strategic design

Approaches, models and tools that enhance skills for innovation and problem solving for effective strategic design.

2 Strategic design development

Strategic design development process, from the problem or idea to the dissemination, assimilation, acceptance and creative use of the strategic design.

3 Leadership in strategic design

Conceptual, analytical and practical tools and strategies for change. Relational perspective for problem solving and leadership styles for different situations.

4 Master Final Project

Design and development of an individual project in response to a challenge, which requires fieldwork to be carried out in a social and/or organisational setting.

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Professional prospects

There is currently a great demand for professionals in the area of design and strategy. Approaching ideation and the application of strategy from the field of design is an emerging concept, considered key for developing the capacity for organisations to respond to an unpredictable future.

Graduates from this programme are well positioned to follow career pathways in the management of sustainability, innovation, social enterprise, strategic design and service design, and as entrepreneurs in a wide range of industries, organisations and professional fields. You may become an “intrapreneur” in a company or perform new and emerging roles, such as change manager, head of innovation or ​​lead design thinker.

We identify two basic professional profiles: “specialists in design and innovation” (marketing directors, R&D managers, industrial designers and product engineers, designers of multimedia solutions and services) and “coordinators of innovation and design process integration” (design directors, design managers, project managers, product managers, retail managers, brand managers and product and system innovation consultants).

Professional prospects this master offers are:

  • Business designer
  • Business consultant
  • Brand strategist
  • Content strategist
  • Customer experience designer
  • Design and innovation manager
  • Design strategist
  • Entrepreneur
  • Product manager
  • Product marketing manager
  • UX strategist

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