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Master in Set Design for Theatre, Film and TV

The Master in Set Design for Theatre, Film and Television will give you the knowledge to be part of a theatrical set design team or the art department for an audio-visual project (video clips, advertising, film, fiction, etc.).

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Many of the recent innovations in international theatre, film and television have been possible due to the exponential developments in set design. The design of these spaces opens up a field of artistic and technical exploration oriented towards the production of first-rate performances or audio-visual products such as video clips, advertisements, films or fiction.

The Master in Set Design for Theatre, Film and Television will teach you to design and build sets for performances, theatre or audio-visual projects, transforming a concept into a viable idea and leading an art department or artistic team. In this programme, we combine knowledge of scenography techniques and technologies with artistic and conceptual exploration.

This master’s degree is directed at professionals in the field of design, art, architecture, the dramatic arts or communication, but also at anyone interested in the evocative and communicative capacity of space. The profile of the students of this master’s degree demands a deep interest in the world of entertainment, theatre, cinema and television. Students should also have creativity, imagination and great attention to detail.

Access and Admission Requirements: An official undergraduate university degree or equivalent. Basic notions of the Adobe package and a personal statement.

Who is this Master in Set Design aimed at?

The Master in Set Design is aimed at professionals in the field of design, art, architecture, dramatic art, communication… In general, our master’s programme is designed to meet the needs of all those interested in evocative and communicative capacity of the objects space.

Study set design in Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, open, adapted to change and the new synergies that emerge from the cultural field. In addition, throughout its history, it has been the heart of the theatre tradition, welcoming actors, directors, playwrights, set designers or musicians from anywhere in the world.

Currently and in the face of the development of streaming platforms, Barcelona has reinforced its position as a referent city for film and series shootings, as well as advertising. The best production companies in Europe are based in the city and it is therefore a referent for the international audiovisual level.

  • Analysing set design as a specialty associated with the performing arts and audio-visual arts.
  • Understanding the main techniques that make it possible to turn a script into a design for a space.
  • Learning about the technical operations of different stage spaces.
  • Delving into the techniques and technologies of set design (for live audio-visuals and film).
  • Understanding the parameters of construction, assembly and set production that influence the design of a stage set or film set.
  • Learning about the different disciplines that are involved in staging and that are part of theatrical and/or audio-visual set design departments: set dressing, props, makeup, etc.


Master in Set Design for Theatre, Film and TV programme

1 Contemporary set design

Theory of scenography for theatre and audio-visuals.

2 Text and space

Analysis of theatrical texts and film scripts with an eye to set design.

3 Technique and production

An immersive workshop in spatial intervention.

4 Projects: live and recorded

Work on different team projects and presentations. Expand your capacity for research and learn to develop design solutions and execution briefs.

5 The space of the stage

Construction and resolution of a real theatre set based on a proposed text, as well as a project for the design and execution of a film set or photo set commissioned by a photographer or director.

6 Technical direction

Design a project for a television production.

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