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Master in Product Design and Development

Design, model, represent and produce innovative products. In the MA in Product Design, you’ll carry out comprehensive product design projects: from the conceptual phase to technical development in real projects with companies.

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What will the products of the future be like? Discover the tools and gain the necessary skills to model, represent and simulate the behaviour of a user-centred product, selecting the most appropriate materials and manufacturing processes.

In the Master in Product Design and Development you’ll learn to represent the initial concepts and develop products technically, advancing through the different phases of the product design and engineering processes. You’ll learn about the current trends in product design and the agents implicated in the process.

One of the key points of this master’s degree is the collaboration with companies in carrying out projects based on real cases; you’ll design and develop innovative products to provide an optimal solution in response to a company’s brief.

Some of the companies we collaborate with include: Play, Hewlett Packard, Cosmic, Roca Sanitario, Santa&Cole, Simon, Figueras, Valira, Lamp Lighting, Educa Borras, Laken, El Naturalista, Teck-Rock, Zobele Group, Esportiva Aksa, Pando, IMC Toys, Taurus, Solac, Crevin, Signes, FujiFilm, Cata Electrodomésticos, Madel, Signes, Pujadas, Total Care, Cestisa, BioSystems, and Vibia, among others.

This master’s degree is aimed at professionals from different sectors, especially in the field of design and product engineering. Students of this master’s degree generally have an inclination towards artistic pursuits, like drawing and composition; they’re interested in learning new ways of creating products and have an analytical capacity for research.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent in Design or Industrial Design Engineering.

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  • Enhancing the initial phase of the design process using techniques to support creativity, user-centred design resources, and experimental design applications.
  • Learning about the current state of product design based on the experiences of designers from prestigious agencies and studios in the sector.
  • Applying the knowledge and skills acquired by carrying out real projects with companies.
  • Understanding the latest technologies in the industry and the different materials the market has to offer.
  • Studying the processes involved in a product development project and the different options for industrialization for the company projects.
  • Mastering different CAD (Computer Aided Design) / CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) tools for use in representing, visualizing and simulating the behaviour of a product.
  • Managing projects, protecting and registering designs, as well as presenting the final result to the public.


MA in Product Design and Development programme

1 Concept module

Learn to create a people-centred design, visit the Design Museum, work in a workshop and on real conceptualization projects.

1.1 Product. Experience. Service
1.2 Design map
1.3 Workshop: Dynamic materials
1.4 Project Company

2 Representation module

Learn the digital tools for communicating creative ideas in the virtual world along with freehand drawing techniques. Make working models and learn to make presentations using graphic design resources for creating reports, panels and projected media.

2.1 Digital expression
2.2 Sketching
2.3 Models
2.4 Presentation

3 Management module

Learn how to direct a design process and familiarize yourself with the figure of the design manager. Find out how to protect your creations and discover what resources you can use in your public presentations.

3.1 Design management
3.2 Design protection
3.3 Communication resources

4 CAD/CAE technologies

Explore the possibilities for modelling products in 3D using advanced CAD techniques and learn to simulate solid structures with CAE tools.

4.1 CAD: Design of solids, assemblies and mechanisms
4.2 CAE: Structural and thermal simulations

5 Materials and manufacturing processes

Analyse and select different types of mechanical, thermal, electrical, and optical materials, among others, and work on the current applications of technical ceramics, metals, composite materials, polymers, adaptive materials, and smart materials.

5.1 Selection of materials
5.2 Transformation and design of plastic and metal parts

6 Projects with companies

Complete a product design process based on a brief from a real company. Analyse the company’s needs, understand the importance of the counterbrief, develop the technical solutions, and present the project to the company.

7 Master’s Final Project

The Master’s Final Project consists of a research project in product design.

7.1 Conceptual workshop
7.2 Research project in product design
7.3 Lectures

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