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Master in Photography and Design

Learn to visually and effectively communicate ideas and projects from a multidisciplinary approach. The Master in Photography and Design will allow you to develop the theoretical and practical skills necessary to be an innovative and creative creator of images.

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The Master in Photography and Design approaches photography as an open discipline to create complex photographic projects, and explores its most contemporary approaches. The master’s degree emphasizes innovation, experimentation and research on photographic practice.

From theoretical and practical classes with professional photographers and international guest teachers, you will improve your knowledge and skills. During the course you will carry out real photographic projects that can be seen in exhibitions in publications, museums and galleries, such as the Fundació Vila Casas or the KBr Center – Fundación MAPFRE.

At the end of the Master in Photography and Design you will be able to carry out photographic works using this discipline to effectively express and communicate complex ideas, exploring beyond the specific limits of photography itself. You will create innovative solutions for new scenarios and methods of visualization and contextualization of images.

Studying photography in Barcelona

Barcelona is a city with very particular characteristics that make it stand out as an important metropolis and an international benchmark. It stands out for its great architectural, cultural, gastronomic value and for being the cradle of design. In addition, geographically it is also located in a unique environment and its climate is pleasant. For all this, if you are thinking about studying a master’s degree in photography and where to study photography in Europe, there is no doubt that Barcelona can be the ideal setting in which to specialize in the practice of this art.

Our school is located in the heart of Barcelona, Spain, in one of the most emblematic areas of the city and within a few metres of the harbour. And idyllic environment that favours creativity, design and creation which make Spain the best country to study photography. Elisava represents the best place to study photography for a lot of reasons. Next, you will find out some of them.

Master in photography

When assessing where to study a master in photography and which school to choose, you must keep in mind that there are currently many possibilities, given the growing demand for professionals specializing in this field. However, not all schools, universities and training centers can offer you the same photography courses.

At Elisava we have extensive teaching experience and an advanced training system. We are backed by the good results, the satisfaction of our students and the recognition of our centre as one of the most internationally recognized university design schools. Our regulated studies in Photography will allow you to achieve success and excellence in all your future projects.

Studying our master in photography in Barcelona will provide you with necessary tools to become a professional that adapts to the real needs, both present and future, that emerge from the sector. Below, we set out the fundamental objectives of the Master in Photography and Design and tell you what are the main skills you will acquire in the course of this new stage of learning.


  • Carrying out a research project rigorously to make a specific and original photographic work.
  • Providing the necessary visual tools to be able to build a photographic project from start to finish.
  • Expressing ideas with a photographic project in an effective way.
  • Encouraging the development of critical reflection as the basis for photographic work.
  • Developing the technical skills of professional photography and be able to work in any professional circumstance.
  • Engaging with a real audience, generate challenging new narratives with changing modes of production, dissemination and consumption.
  • Providing multidisciplinary training in the area of photography as a tool to express concepts and ideas.

Master in Photography and Design programme
1 Photography fundamentals

1.1 Principles of photographic composition
1.2 Visual and image perception
1.3 Visual thinking
1.4 Visual narrative
1.5 Photographic sequence
1.6 Narrative and text

2 Digital photography

2.1 Digital equipment
2.2 Color management
2.3 Digital photometry of zones
2.4 Creating light with flash
2.5 Software Edition
2.6 Photo manipulation
2.7 Advanced retouching
2.8 File and image management

3 Photographic equipment

3.1 Image processing
3.2 Camera and lenses
3.3 Extreme processing
3.4 Printing
3.5 Interior lighting
3.6 Lighting and exteriors
3.7 Lighting and environment

4 Photography in context and processes

4.1 Image, text, aesthetics, context
4.2 Photography and identity
4.3 Uses of photography
4.4 Non-conventional contexts and tools
4.5 Advertising and communication
4.6 Digital editing, tools
4.7 Representation of space
4.8 Multidisciplinary approach to photography

5 Digital design

5.1 Photography for design
5.2 Design for photography
5.3 Website Portfolio
5.4 Design on paper
5.5 Printed photograph
5.6 Design and editing for magazines
5.7 Media environments
5.8 Publications

6 Uses of photography

6.1 The professional photography market
6.2 Photography in the art market
6.3 Uses and trends in contemporary photography
6.4 Marketing, strategies, prices for photographers
6.5 Scholarships for photographers
6.6 Multimedia for photographers
6.7 Photographic interventions
6.8 Photographic exhibitions

7 Photographic project

7.1 Project management and dynamics
7.2 Photo editing
7.3 Analysis and evaluation of the project
7.4 Tutorials and seminars

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