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Master in Interior Design

Take a deep dive into the world of interior design and learn to come up with solutions for today’s architectural challenges. The MA in Interior Design will teach you to design functional domestic spaces and working environments that have character and meaning.

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How do the new economic and social conditions affect the solution of architectural problems? The Master in Interior Design will teach you to give meaning to domestic spaces and working environments.

Interior design can improve the functionality and aesthetics of any room, if there is an efficient design plan taking into account light, colour, materials, textures, etc. Consequently, interior design is essential to creating environments that can contribute to improving quality of life. In the MA in Interior Space Design you’ll be able to carry out an interior design project from scratch, guided by teachers who have extensive experience in the sector, in addition to attending lectures and visiting homes, corporate buildings and work spaces.

The students who enrol in this Master’s degree tend to be curious, creative, empathetic people with a great passion for design and a desire to create beautiful, functional and environmentally responsible spaces, in response to the needs of their clients.

Access and Admission Requirements: An official undergraduate university degree or equivalent. Familiarity with graphic representation software for architectural space.

Study a MA in interior design in Barcelona

If you are passionate about interior design and want to start your career in this area, but you are still not clear where to study, on this page you will find all the answers. If you want to study a master’s in interior design abroad and you are looking for an interior design university, Elisava is among the leading design schools worldwide, as our training system allows students to acquire the necessary tools to meet current needs to study an interior design master’s.

Thanks to our Master in Interior Design you can study interior design from perspectives and approaches that you would never have imagined. Below, you will discover some of the many skills and objectives that you will acquire throughout the course. To learn more, we encourage you to become part of the Elisava community.

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  • Explore the specific production characteristics of the different types of space design.
  • Learn about emerging social and cultural values associated with ergonomics, ecology, economics, sociology, anthropology and their role in the design process.
  • Assess the impact of new technologies and new materials in conditioning physical space.
  • Investigate, analyse, share, listen to and experiment with spaces, materials, textures, colours, light, etc.
  • Understand the basic characteristics of conditioning systems for environmental comfort.
  • Develop the ability to work in a team and independently.
  • Highlight the value of your projects through proper communication based on graphic representations and oral presentations.


MA in Interior Design programme

1 Criteria

Conceptual aspects of a project for an interior space, from the design to the construction.

1.1 Theoretical reflections
1.2 Design and construction process

2 Media

Conceptual aspects of a project for an interior space, from the design to the construction.

1.1 Theoretical reflections
1.2 Design and construction process

3 Workshops

You’ll develop different interior spaces of the house both conceptually and experimentally.

3.1 Kitchen Workshop
3.2 Bathroom Workshop
3.3 Creative workshop

4 Master’s Final Project

You’ll complete a comprehensive domestic interior design project, to the level of construction drawings, for a real space, house or existing building.

5 Perceptions of interior spaces

Prototype space for concentration, informal meeting or relaxation in the work environment.

5.1 Aspects related to the sensory perception of an interior
5.2 User-centred design
5.3 Construction and form

6 Spatial configurations in work spaces

Various drawings that include size adjustments (circulation and occupancy diagrams), a basic layout, and an expression of the character and atmosphere of the space related to the corporate identity.

6.1 Spatial organization strategies
6.2 Basic criteria for planning
6.3 Corporate interior design: Generating excitement from the beginning

7 Project: Equipping a workplace

Knowledge of methods for furnishing a space.

7.1.1 Furniture
7.1.2 Lighting
7.1.3 Applied graphics
7.1.4 Construction materials and elements

8 Techniques for climate control

Develop a project to demonstrate the techniques for climate control in a space.

8.1 Connected spaces
8.2 Mechanization of the environment

9 Development of a workspace project

Demonstration of everything you have learned during the master’s degree with a project to implement a workspace in a pre-existing location.

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