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Master in Interior Design of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants

Learn the creative process of designing reception spaces for the hotel and restaurant industry. The Master in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants will teach you to develop interior designs that respond to the current needs of the tourism industry.

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The hotel and restaurant sector is booming, and it’s full of innovative and highly creative interior design proposals. Interior designers today have to offer an experience to clients, who are looking for something more than just eating or staying in a high-quality establishment. Designers need to know how to endow those spaces with a functional and emotional value.

Space designers have to take into account the determining factors involved in the decision-making process prior to the design of those spaces: general context (work, leisure or holiday), economic status of the client (from luxury to low-cost) and behavioural model (from socialization to privacy).

The Master in Interior Design for Hotels, Bars and Restaurants will teach you how to approach the creative process as a whole, not only addressing how spaces are organized and their atmospheres, but also analysing habitual behaviours and forms of use.

The student profile for this master’s degree centres on professionals with accredited experience in the different fields of design, architecture or fine arts.

Access and Admission Requirements: An official university degree or equivalent related to space design. Basic understanding of 3D software and interior design.

Study design of hotels, bars and restaurants in Barcelona

Thus, in this course the student will learn to engage in complex interior design projects, and to be highly competent in the interpretation of a very diversified business profile, which is, in turn, represented by other very creative figures. They will have to interact with these figures, like the manager of the Hotel chain, the chefs or the bartender.

The aim of course is to prepare the student to face the creative process, not only by solving the organization of the spaces and their setting, but also by analysing the habits and uses. Consequently, the student will be prepared to put into practice methodologies that encourage innovation and the development of original concepts.

There is no doubt that the local area of ​​Barcelona, ​​with tourism as the main source of income and with a long tradition that we can now call culture in terms of design of hotels, bars and restaurants, offers an ideal framework to develop this master. Therefore, we recommend you study design of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants in Barcelona, a cosmopolitan city, a pioneer in the sector.


  • Gaining knowledge of interior design that includes the perspective of the hotel industry, bars and restaurants.
  • Learning about the specific cases in the industry in all their forms: tapas bars, lodges, cantinas, etc.
  • Developing innovative proposals in response to users’ new behaviours, attitudes and desires.
  • Offering comprehensive solutions that include both customer spaces and service spaces (production, administration, maintenance, etc.).
  • Designing while accounting for the different disciplines involved in interiors, such as lighting, furniture, fabrics and applied graphics.
  • Understanding all the phases involved in developing and executing a professional project within the scope of the programme.
  • Gaining comprehensive training to be able to tackle projects, from both the aesthetic and technical standpoints.
  • Fostering rigor and experimentation, generating avenues for innovation and research, recording and analysing models of space design.


Master in Interior Design of Hotels, Bars and Restaurants programme

1 Temporary design. Pop-up bar

Work in a team on the creation of a pop-up bar for temporary use.

2 Narrative design. Bar

Analyse the bars and restaurants in Barcelona, Catalonia and Spain since the 1980s as a unique phenomenon. You will work on an individual project.

2.1 Narrative of interior space

3 Concept Design. Gastronomic Space

You’ll analyse a brief and create a concept for a gastronomic space, where you’ll be expected to find creative solutions to any situations that emerge by working as a team.

3.1 Analysis
3.2 Concept
3.3 Teamwork

4 Restaurant project

Develop a project for a real client and a real place taking into account the technical requirements and the furnishings.

4.1 Technical Requirements (implementation, systems, site visit
4.2 Contract Channel (furniture, equipment and decoration, materials, models)
4.3 Project

5 Hotel components

Learn about the correlation between management models and spatial organization in the hotel industry. Vertical vs. horizontal organization: Case Study.

5.1 Public spaces
5.2 Private spaces

6 Spatial organization to service the concept: hotels and new hostelling

Understand the organization of a hotel based on a management model and a concept

6.1 Origins and historical references.
6.2 Models from wellness culture.
6.3 Trends and the new economy.

7 Hotel project. Project with a real client

Design a project for a hotel with a real client. Specific cases: expansion, renewal, transformation or renovation.

8 Contract project. Model room

Delve into the finishes, as well as the furniture and a model room.

8.1 Fit Out. The finishes
8.2 Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF&E)
8.3 Signage

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