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Master in Furniture Design

Discover the reality of furniture design and the production of avant-garde objects. With the Master in Furniture Design you will learn to design furniture items that resolve needs in domestic environments, companies and public spaces, working with new materials and state-of-the-art technologies.

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The discipline of design or furniture design displays a very particular set of characteristics and requires knowledge of a distinctive language and references, as well as a code that allows uses and attitudes to be effectively conveyed. We need to design and produce the objects that give shape to our domestic relationships and professional environments. Through an immersion in the past and present reality of furniture design, we lay the foundations for innovating in a leading industry in the production of avant-garde objects; one with its own fashions and trends.

The Master in Furniture Design addresses the design of these objects for two settings: the home (habitat) and social, collective spaces (contract), providing students with a comprehensive vision of the industry. In habitat we will look at furniture for domestic spaces, while contract explores the specific furniture used in facilities, companies and urban communities and elements. During the master you will undertake professional placements in furniture design, providing you with strategic training adapted to the real, present and future needs of the industry.

The student profile for this master are professionals in the field of product design, interior space design, architecture or product engineering, interested in entering the furniture industry.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students with degrees in Product Design, Interior Design, Engineering, Architecture or Fine Arts. An ability to use the basic design and communication software is required, as well as knowledge of 2D and/or 3D software.

At Elisava you can take master and postgraduate courses of different degrees of specialisation that combine theoretical knowledge, reflection, experimentation, and practical projects. Find the design master you are looking for.

Where to study furniture design?

Elisava is one of the most nationally and internationally recognized university schools of design and engineering. Our particular teaching system, based on interdisciplinary knowledge and the practice of real projects, makes possible the training of professionals adapted to the real needs, present and future, that emerge from the sector. Therefore, our school is the ideal place to study furniture design.

Studying furniture design in Barcelona

Studying furniture design in a city like Barcelona represents a unique opportunity to study this discipline in a unique setting. The city is nowadays an important economic engine, in which important organizations, entities and leading companies in the field of design and innovation coexist. Establishing the necessary synergies to ensure constant contact and collaboration in all types of projects with these agents is one of our main objectives.

Studying furniture design in Barcelona is a clear commitment to the present and the future, as the job market currently demands specialized professionals who provide a curious, creative and strategic vision of furniture design.

Therefore, if you are a curious, creative and decisive person, a master in furniture design is the postgraduate academic training you are looking for.


  • Learning about the work of ​​technical offices and assess specific client needs.
  • Incorporating techniques and methodologies that bring together conceptual and constructive aspects.
  • Identifying innovative objects or solutions in furniture design.
  • Gaining advanced knowledge of the industry and the leading manufacturers and designers, as well as the current lines and trends, predicting future scenarios and uses.
  • Understanding and dominating the industry’s specific formal language.
  • Determining materials, technical solutions and processes, devising feasible and realistic solutions.
  • Learning from the perspective of both industrially designed and customised furniture.


Master in Furniture Design programme

1 Furniture and the workspace

1. 1 Typologies, areas of work and representation
1.2 The symbolic meaning of furniture in the workspace, waiting areas and reception rooms.
1.3 Technical seating, the ancillary industry, materials and manufacturing techniques, seating ergonomics, systems for work and filing desks.

2 Furniture and restaurants, lodging and residential spaces

2.1 Typologies, reception and welcome areas, customised furnishings
2.2 Furniture in hotels and residential spaces: uses and typologies adapted from the domestic environment
2.3 Technical fabric in contract

3 Furniture and the urban space

3.1 Typologies, materials and maintenance
3.2 Customised projects
3.3 Furniture as an organiser of public space and singular element

4 Furniture in new multi-use public spaces

4.1 Lighting
4.2 Materials and technologies
4.3 Sustainability and ecodesign

5 Historical introduction of furniture as a driver of innovation

5.1 Historical introduction of furniture based on the different professional profiles
5.2 Typological introduction: research project

6 Domestic furniture

6.1 Related trade shows in Europe
6.2 Trends in the world of furniture and new sales and distribution channels
6.3 Visits to showrooms, talks by industry leaders and furniture designers

7 Customised furniture

7.1 How to develop customised furniture: limitations and opportunities
7.2 Limited edition furniture

8 Constructive criteria, materials and technologies

8.1 Timber
8.2 Other materials
8.3 Ancillary industries
8.4 Design of upholstered furniture, injected upholstered furniture, the ancillary upholstery industry

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