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Master in Editorial Design

Explore new relationships between design and content, delving into the connections between the offline and online worlds. With this master you’ll be able to develop content strategies, tell stories and design print and digital formats.

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The role of editorial designers and designers has changed drastically in recent years, expanding their opportunities that now reach beyond the habitual media. They have become content strategists and storytellers. And, instead of seeing traditional formats disappear, new practices are reinforcing them, offering users a more dynamic and cross-cutting experience. In this complex and vibrant new paradigm, where the online and offline worlds come together to provide a multi-channel experience, we need to be able to develop content strategies, tell stories, and master technology to create connections between content, context and format.

In the Master’s Degree in Editorial Design you’ll learn by working hand-in-hand with international experts. Through projects, workshops and talks, we’ll explore the challenges of the practice of editorial design from different perspectives: research, creativity and imagination.

The profile of students in the Master in Editorial Design centres on an inquisitive, dynamic and proactive attitude along with a desire to explore new relationships between design and content, crossing the borders between the online and offline worlds. Students must have the ability to adapt to a changing industry and take on a growing number of roles.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students who hold degrees in Graphic Design and professionals with accredited experience. Exceptionally, we will accept students with Degrees in Communication, Fine Arts or Advertising with demonstrable portfolios. Advanced knowledge of graphic design software is necessary.

Study editorial design in Barcelona

If you already know that you want to specialize in this field, but you are still not sure where to study editorial design, you should know that Elisava is one of the leading design schools at a national and international level. Thanks to our advanced training system, we can offer you the necessary tools to become the editorial designer that a changing and evolved sector requires. In that sense, today, studying a master in editorial design represents a wise decision for the present and the future.

Our Master in Editorial Design combines theory with practice in real projects so that you can delve into the sector and understand its needs. In addition, during the course of your entire training stage, you will have the support of professional experts and leading professors so that you can put your ideas into action. Therefore, if you are thinking of studying editorial design, we recommend you to consult our training plan that you will find on this page. You are one step away from becoming the designer you’ve always dreamed of being!



  • Gaining a broad perspective on contemporary design.
  • Developing a problem-solving mentality and personal criteria.
  • Mastering art direction and the use of typography.
  • Learning about all the essential areas of editorial design, from writing to the preparation of the final artwork.
  • Experiencing the reality of the professional working environment.
  • Promoting teamwork skills and the complementarity of talents.
  • Putting together an excellent portfolio.

Master in Editorial Design programme

1 Master’s Projects

Development of three projects to delve into the fundamental areas of editorial design: a book, a magazine and a digital platform. You’ll work in different groups on each project to emphasize the importance of teamwork and the complementarity of talents.

1.1 Book design
1.2 Periodical design
1.3 Digital publishing environment
1.4 Design crit

2 Fundamentals

The goal of editorial design is to make publications attractive, visually interesting, and easy to read. Mastering typography and art direction in editorial design is key to being able to elicit emotions consistent with the purpose of each piece.

2.1 Typography
2.2 Art direction

3 Editorial knowledge

Analysis of the essence of editorial design: from developing written content to defining aspects of production and preparing the final artwork.

3.1 Principles of new teamwork
3.2 Graphic arts
3.3 Creative writing
3.4 Creative production

4 Workshops

Through workshops with specialists and distinguished professionals, you’ll learn other skills and explore disciplines related to editorial design.

4.1 Experience
4.2 Data journalism
4.3 Photobook
4.4 Editorial artifacts
4.5 Degree Show

5 Events

Visits from professionals, both established and emerging figures, who share their life experiences and the stories of their professional careers is one more way to learn about the profession, but above all to inspire us to grow.

5.1 International lectures
5.2 Master’s Talks

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