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Master in Design through New Materials

The Master in Design through New Materials focuses on innovation, sustainable design and creativity through new materials. An experimental and transdisciplinary course that values biomaterials design as a ground-breaking working field.

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Everything that surrounds us is materials. They are at the center of innovation, and are part of the first decision we make when producing a design. Sustainable materials generate an impact that influences the industry, society and even cultural values. Innovation based on materials allows us to develop new initiatives, find more sustainable solutions and launch more creative design processes. This master’s degree will allow you to create new opportunities through the design of sustainable materials and define how to build a future for the well-being of the planet.

Our goal is to create a new generation of transdisciplinary specialists in materials design, such as materials for sustainable interior design and materials for sustainable textiles, products and furniture.

Access and Admission Requirements: Official university degree or equivalent in design, engineering, architecture or art.

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Study design through new materials in Barcelona

If you are thinking about studying design, but you are still not sure about which school or city to choose, you should know that Barcelona is one of the best destinations of you want to become specialised in design and innovation of materials.

Barcelona is the cradle of design and an international referent. Attracted by the latest trends and the complete ecosystem that is developed in the city, designers and creatives around the world have stablished their place of business here. The valuable legacy that great artists left behind contrasts with the trace of new creators and designers, thus creating unique synergies. Creativity, transversality and the open spirit can be breathed in every corner of the city.

Why study a master in design of new materials?

Studying a design master, with the particularity of being focused on design through new materials, gives the student an interdisciplinary and conciliatory vision. The designer specialised in this field observes, studies and develops design form a unique point of view.

The innovation of materials is becoming more important in a changing sector that finds itself in the permanent quest of new realities. There is no doubt that new materials define the way reality is built. Thus, it is a profession with a clear vision of present and future.

Through our master in design through new materials, students will acquire the necessary tools to become designers and creators that the sector requires. Upon finishing the training experience, and because of its theoretical basis and the practice in real projects, students will be prepared to successfully face any challenge.

We expand sustainable materials

The Master in Design using New Materials is structured so that you acquire, develop and exercise specific skills and competencies. These skills cumulatively encompass the set of skills necessary to efficiently design, develop, optimize and communicate a project in terms of materials-driven innovation, sustainable design solutions and production based on biomanufacturing, digitalization and craft processes.

We want you to:

  • Be able to analyse future socio-cultural scenarios and contextualise new materials in a global context.
  • Be able to select and apply materials, technologies and manufacturing processes in design and the specific nature of the development processes.
  • Acquire the skills for the ideation of applications of new materials.
  • Be able to evaluate sustainability aspects and environmental impact of materials for industry application.
  • Be able to experiment with new materials and related technologies to produce new material applications, new material developments or new material languages.
  • Be able to generate families of colour and trim and materials languages applied to brand and market placement.
  • Be able to generate a sound narrative and strategy to position a material within the market or sector successfully.
  • Be able to recognise the potential of new business models associated with the materials and related technologies being generated.

How we do it

This Master in Design through New Materials wants to provide you with the practical tools to bring your ideas to life. Combining a theoretical and practical approach, with a constant encouragement of investigation and analysis, our goals are:

  • Training professionals on new creative ways of making and communicating.
  • Preparing professionals for the new opportunities arising from the consolidation of materials and related technologies as innovation boosters.
  • Training professionals in developing projects with social, environmental and technological concerns.

We will help you create a Final Master Project —on an entrepreneurial basis or for an industrial partner— that results in a new material, a new product collection, or a new architectural project focusing on sustainability, innovation, creativity and near-future inspired solutions.

Master in Design through New Materials programme

1 Materials in context, material narratives

The cultural and social aspects of materials. Market trends. Futures-research methodologies and building future scenarios and narratives.

2 Materials foundations

Materials families. Biopolymers, living materials, metals, ceramics and beyond: towards a new ontology of materials. Scientific and creative views on physical properties. Materials processing. Production processes and characterization of materials.

3 Materials in use

Materials selection. Understanding applications of materials in different sectors, from automotive to health or materials for interior design.

4 Materials innovation

Current views on materials innovations. Materials research and materials development trends include advanced high-tech materials and nanotechnology to bio-based low-tech materials.

5 Materials experimentation

A series of workshops on materials making. From craft to industry. Workshop on the use of artificial intelligence tools to generate additively manufactured products.

6 Materials industry and sustainability

Sustainability, circular economy and environmental impacts. Production in the 21st century. Sustainability: from the life cycle to new business models. Workshops with bacteria, algae, mycelium and upcycling of material waste.

7 Materials languages, materials interaction

Design of colors, materials and finishes. Trends in the aesthetics of materials. Material languages and narratives, visual storytelling, styling, media. The emotionality of the materials. Sensory qualities. Tangible and intangible properties.

8 Materials strategies

Project strategy and communication. Market positioning, strategy, patents, IP and business models.

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