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Master in Design for One Health

The Master in Design for One Health focuses on the close relationship of influence between human beings and the environment, under the term ‘One Health’, offering a global, comprehensive, and multidisciplinary view of health.

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Human behaviour has a clear impact on the environment and, consequently, in the short and long term, on the global sustainability of the planet. The Master in Design for One Health focuses on the close relationship of reciprocity, mutual influence and impact between human beings and the environment. Under the term ‘One Health’, this programme offers a global, integral and multidisciplinary vision of health.

Health and physical and mental well-being are linked to the ecosystems where all living beings coexist. Thus, we propose an innovative look at design in relation to health from a systemic and holistic approach, working on the observation of the environment, behaviours, technology, communication, ethics, socio-economics, and other areas.

Access and admission requirements: Bachelor or higher education in Industrial Design, Architecture, Product Design, Communication Design, Urban Design, Interaction Design, Sociology, Economic Anthropology, and other related professions.

Beyond design for one health

Design has a key role in creating new visions, options and solutions. We will take into consideration current scientific knowledge related to energy efficiency and climate change, and engage with biological efficiency, in order to care for life in all its forms and bring health and well-being.

This course is open to all who want to participate in the design of products, processes and infrastructures of the future.

How we do it

In this course we will analyse and question what is already established, speculate on possible courses of action and make creative proposals with real potential for future application. We will work in close contact with social agents, companies and institutions, as collaborators and also as final recipients of the work developed. And we will do this through:

  • Holistic vision. Exercising an integral and complete vision on the analysis of reality.
  • Innovation. Finding the differential factor that provides value content to a design proposal, based on a critical vision of the reality that surrounds us.
  • Exploration. Being proactive (even more than resilient) by focusing on the potential of a degree ‘0’ society.
  • Speculation and creativity.
  • Transdisciplinarity. Developing proposals through all branches of design at all scales, from the object to the territory.
  • Research. Travelling the road without a defined objective, searching for the unknown.
  • One Health. Having a global, integral, multidisciplinary vision of health, linked to the ecosystems in which all living beings coexist.
  • Well-being. Designing for physical, mental and spiritual well-being.
Workshop Materials for Wellbeing

Master in Design for One Health programme

1 Observation and anticipation

Through analysis techniques and associated practices, we will observe and anticipate science through design. We will know and interpret the current context in relation to global health, in order to develop innovative projects.

2 Ethics

This module raises a fundamental debate regarding the ethical repercussions of the advancement of new technologies,
and the growth inertia of the consumer society. We will learn about the main communication and control technologies over the population, which can lead to the automation of characterizations with the consequences of potential discrimination in access to a healthy life.

3 Body and mind

In the third module, we will gain a comprehensive understanding of human health and well-being from a systems perspective. We will also rediscover the naive contact with the world of the body and the mind, to finally give it a philosophical status.

4 Environment and health

In this module we will understand to what extent our well-being depends on the set of environmental and exposure factors to which we are subjected, detecting imbalance factors and self-regulation, regeneration and good health factors.

5 Global health management

Critical analysis of the reality of health management, both in terms of territorial organization and political management.

6 Make a wish

Conclusions drawn from the theoretical frameworks worked on in the previous subjects. We will articulate operational proposals in relation to the theme of the course, in order to build an action programme, which will serve as the basis for the development of a project.

7 Narrate. Concepts

Based on the previous analysis of aspirations, conditions and needs, we will decide the theme of our project: Understanding the context, the needs chart, its pros and cons, building a hypothesis about the user experience, you will build a narrative to give identity to the proposal and you will reconfigure the sensitive registration of the proposal.

8 Final Master’s Project

Personal project in which you will create, develop, decode, build and communicate in a solid and coherent way within the theme of design for global health, using the necessary design tools, and questioning our role and our relationship with the world as designers.

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