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Master in Design and Management of User Experience (UX) and Digital Services

Design products and services for websites and apps. This master will teach you to execute and direct projects in the areas of user experience design, interaction design and interface design.

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When we’re buying something online or reading an article on a website, we value ease of use, functionality, an intuitive platform, fonts that are easy to read, and fast-loading pages. Designing a quality user experience means accounting for all these factors and offering users what they need at any given moment.

In the Master in Design and Management of User Experience (UX) you’ll learn the necessary skills and knowledge to design each element involved in user interaction to create dynamic experiences in products, services or digital applications. Through case studies and carrying out your own practical web design project, you’ll engage with the entire process of creating an interactive design that encompasses the business perspective, user experience (UX), technology and interface design.

You’ll also have the opportunity to participate in internships with important companies in the sector such as Everis, BeRepublic, Gamma UX, Optimyzet, Multiplica and Ogilvy, as well as start-ups or companies in other fields like Deliveroo, Ubeeqo and Diari Ara.

The Master in Design and Management of User Experience (UX) and Digital Services is aimed at design professionals interested in developing projects for products, services and innovative and effective digital applications while advancing in their professional careers by branching into new disciplines that offer clear work opportunities for the present and the future.

Access and Admission Requirements: Students must hold a degree in Design, Engineering, Communication or Advertising. Other student profiles include junior UX/UI designers and project managers who want to deepen their knowledge of user experience design. Students without a university degree may request admission on the basis of accredited professional experience.


  • Executing comprehensive user experience design projects in digital products.
  • Directing and managing an interaction design using agile methodologies.
  • Identifying and incorporating the principles of usability.
  • Implementing the basic techniques of information architecture and process visualization for the organization of experience flows.
  • Creating user flows based on techniques of persuasion, optimization and follow-up to convert users into customers.
  • Designing the visual and interactive layer of an application from a global perspective.
  • Implementing systems to measure and interpret data to assess the behaviour and functionality of a design.
  • Applying new business models, promoting the entrepreneurial nature of the medium, and generating new professional opportunities.


Master’s Degree in Design and Management of User Experience (UX) and Digital Services programme

1 Direction and product management

Main methodological currents in project management and a detailed analysis of the most relevant agile management tools.

1.1 What is a project?
1.2 What are the different management methodologies?
1.3 What is Scrum?
1.4 Planning principles
1.5 Change management

2 Strategy, UX, usability and information architecture

Development of skills in the application of techniques for user search, the definition and design of information organization systems and navigation systems, the principles of accessibility and the implementation of systems to assess usability.

2.1 Introduction to user experience design
2.2 User search and use scenario modelling
2.3 Information architecture and prototyping
2.4 Usability testing

3 Graphical user interface design

Characteristics of digital environments (patterns and specific characteristics) and understanding of the tools for planning and developing an interface design process.

3.1 Visual language
3.2 Design elements
3.3 Structure and patterns
3.4 Contextual states
3.5 Movement
3.6 Design systems and scalability

4 Languages and development

Study of HTML5 and CSS3 with a focus on programming in JavaScript.

4.1 Parts of a website
4.2 HTML5
4.3 CSS3
4.4 JavaScript

5 Business and conversion

Methodologies and tools for the measurement and analysis of different types of metrics and data, with the aim of learning to optimize results and improve the conversion rate.

5.1 Introduction to analytics
5.2 Google Analytics, events and interpretation
5.3 Principles of persuasion
5.4 Go to market and KPIs

6 Creativity, brand and business strategy

You’ll identify and outline the focus of an interactive product, while generating connections with its cultural, technological and economic context.

6.1 Context and methodology of strategic design
6.2 Research and trend analysis
6.3 Value proposition and business models
6.4 Brand narrative and positioning
6.5 Content strategy
6.6 Email marketing

7 Tools

Specifics of the different content management systems (CMS) to understand their installation and configuration.

7.1 Introduction to the ecosystem of tools
7.2 APIs, libraries and frameworks
7.3 WordPress: features, installation and configuration
7.4 Design of templates, APIs and plugins
7.5 Content management tools for businesses

8 Programming languages, API’s and mash-up

Essential concepts for the development of web applications using languages like JavaScript or PHP, managing information through mySQL databases.

9 Final Project

You’ll address the different phases of the ideation and design process for a web service or application project.

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